Timeline of Konakian history

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Commarenthian era (2009–14)

Restoration era (2014–15)

  • 25 May – Ivan Ivanov creates several articles about Commarenthia on Russian Microwiki. Previously isolated semi-virtual micronation, it starts slowly evolve along with the entire Russian Micronational Community.
  • 6 June – Commarenthia joins the Organization of Independent States (ONG).
  • 16 June – Commarenthia is expelled from ONG among many other developing micronations.
  • 11 August – Treaty of establishment of diplomatic contacts between Commarenthia and the Virtual Socialist Republic of Nadiria (Karelia, Russia).
  • 13 August – Commarenthia's victory in the "micronation soccer championship", held by the Federal Republic of Vilnaland via random number generator.
  • 5 November – Federal Republic of Commarenthia dissolves. Ivan Ivanov creates a new micronation, the United Federal Republic of Konakia (known as the Fifth Republic). President Ivan Ivanov and Prime Minister Yevgeny Alexeyev switch their offices.
  • 26 November – United Federal Republic transforms into the Konakian Soviet Socialist Republic (Sixth Republic).
  • 3 December – Short-lived United Kingdom of Konakia exists from ca. 2 PM to 8 PM that day. Konakian SSR, re-established in the evening, expands to the borders of Russia's Konakovsky District.
  • 16 December – Ivanov overthrows puppet president Yevgeny Alexeyev.
  • 17 December – Konakia holds its first presidential election. Artur Ryabinin of Islamic Party, who has solely represented opposition in the country, defeats prime minister Ivanov.
  • 21 December – Bemsk becomes Konakia's new capital city instead of Komarinsk.
  • 3 January 2015 – Konakia's territorial claims reduced drastically.

Era of Glory (2015)

  • 17 January – Konakian parliament, the People's Assembly, is founded as a VK conference. It became known as the 3rd People's Assembly, however the 1st and 2nd Assemblies never existed.
  • 18 January – Konakian Democratic Federative Republic is proclaimed.
  • 29 January – President Artur Ryabinin impeached for informing Nadiria's intelligence service about Ivanov's controversial statement, which has led to his resignation as culture minister of Nadiria.
  • 1 February – First legislative election in Konakia (Islamic Party – 5 seats, Democratic Party – 4 seats, Tories – 2 seats, New Party – 1 seat). Tory leader Armas Kuronen elected new president.
  • 5 February – The 4th People's Assembly is dissolved due to a revealed major election fraud.
  • 7 February – Georgy Volkov's Christian Democratic Party wins the election. Konakia transforms into a monarchy, as proposed by PM Ivan Ivanov. His cat becomes King Cosmas I.
  • 15 February – Abdication of Cosmas I. Islamic party MP Kuzma Doroganov crowned as Cosmas II.
  • 18 February – Republic restored after Cosmas II announced his plans to become an absolutist monarch.
  • 19 February – Acting president and People's Assembly speaker Georgy Volkov leaves Konakia over a harsh conflict with opposition. His resignation precedes a month-long period of stagnation.
  • 15 March – Christian Democrats win election of the 7th People's Assembly.
  • 24 March – the Third General Charter (Constitution) of Konakia has been ratified. As with the People's Assembly session numbering, the 1st and 2nd Charters were made up.
  • 9 April – People's Assembly supports Volkov's anti-totalitarist bill cotaining a ban on communist symbols.
  • 10 April – Nadiria, a major leftist micronation, has severed diplomatic relations with Konakia because of "hammer and sickle ban".
  • 12 April – Plebiscite to remove Volkov from the People's Assembly fails (42% for, 46% against). Hammer and sickle ban was lifted.
  • 13 May – The Fourth Konakian Kingdom proclaimed. Ivan Ivanov becomes King John I.
  • 19 May – John I abdicates. Georgy Volkov was elected new king under the name George I Caesar August.
  • 20 May – Christian Democratic Party wins the election of the 8th People's Assembly. Georgy Volkov becomes prime minister and initiates referendum on the return to republican regime.
  • 21 May – Konakian Democratic Federative Republic restored. Volkov's coalition with the Tories and National Front breaks up. Ivanov takes control of the government in a coup. Christian Democrat faction expelled from the People's Council
  • 6 June – President Denis Kukunin impeached after secretly signing diplomatic treaties with a number of undeveloped Ukrainian micronations.
  • 30 July – Denis Kukunin elected king of Konakia.
  • 8 August – Return of Georgy Volkov to Konakian politics, Christian Democrat victory in the parliamentary elections, deposition of king Denis and restoration of the republic.
  • 20 September – Konakia dissolved as an independent micronation, succeeded by the Konakian District of the Archizealand Federation.

Unions era (2015–2018)

  • 17 November 2015 – Ivan Ivanov declares independence of the Konakian Republic from Archizealand. The Tenth Republic period starts.
  • 25 May 2016 – Konakia switches from presidential to mixed republic without amending the General Charter.
  • 7 September 2016 – Joke party named "Moderate Liberals for Rightist Anime" wins in a landslide. A week later PM Ivanov decides to dissolve the 13th People's Assembly. President Yevgeny Kitikov, who has urged Ivanov to do that a week earlier, was isolated from power, as Ivanov established the four-member "State Council" to govern the country.


  • 20 April – Kuzma Ivanov, prime minister's cat, was sacked as his puppet president. This marks the end of the Tenth Republic.
  • 14 May – The Fourth General Charter was ratified.
  • 2 June – Annexation of Baltia from Velansia.
  • 1 August – Unsuccessful attempt of the People's Assembly, dominated by the "Tea Lovers party", to remove prime minister.
  • 31 October – Return to democracy.


  • 24 February – Konakia's switching sides in the February Micronational Crisis leads to the establishment of the Protectorate of Konakia with Ivan Ivanov as protector.
  • 12 March – Democracy restored within the 12th Republic.

Long Peace era (2018–)


  • 11 August – Commarenthian cultural revival results in the proclamation of the State of Konakia.
  • 17 August – Anti-Commarenthian faction leaves the newly elected State Assembly. Ivanov dissolves it shortly after being elected Head of State.
  • 11 September – Ivanov breaks with anti-Commarenthianists, reaching an agreement with pro-Commarenthian government two weeks later. The next 7 months Konakia lives under the "Commarenthian democracy" regime of the Cobra bloc.


  • 21 April – Office of the Head of State split between President and Chancellor.
  • 18 June – Konakia celebrates decade of independence.
  • 24 June – National Identity Act declares continuity of Commarenthian-Konakian statehood.
  • 25 September – Ivan Ivanov conferred the title of Father of the Fatherland.
  • 1 December – Annexation of Iremelj, Sincovo and Baltia.


  • 1 August – Commarenthian calendar reformed by the Calculation of Time Act.
  • 4 September – The "Volga Decapolis" area was divided by the spheres of influence of Konakia and Azalistan.
  • 28 November – Merge of the Democratic Party with the Union of Russian Faithful Peasant Patriots.


  • 10 July – Annexation of Halda, Basilian Order and the Duchy of Samara.
  • 25 August – 8th General Charter was approved by 88% of voters in the constitutional referendum.


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