Timonoucitian Risk

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Timonoucitian Risk is a popular Timonoucitian board game. It is based off of Risk. It is played with 2-6 players.


  1. Shuffle the cards in the deck. Remove any Secret Mission cards, and only leave one wild card. In addition, three random territory cards are to be removed.
  2. Give each player 2 cards.
  3. The player decides which territory is the capital. If they get a wild card, they pick last, after step 6 is done for other players. Then the player chooses a territory they want for their capital, and do steps 4-6 on their own. Then put away the wild cards.
  4. Put a piece of cavalry on the capital.
  5. Surround the borders with infantry.
  6. Spread remaining troops to surrounding territories.
  7. DRAFT
    1. Roll one die thrice and add up the results. Then divide that result by two.
    2. Add the number of territory cards owned MINUS the number of continents controlled to the result.
    3. Put one infantry on your or your ally's capitals.
    4. Take the result and minus one. Take out that many artillery. Put them around you or your ally's territories for defence.
    1. Same as normal RISK. (Compulsory, unlike normal RISK)
    2. Any unclaimed land can get claimed for free, and troops can get distributed.
    3. Do not attack your allies, except on the first turn.
    4. Take any territory cards. However, you get the same number of territory cards as the amount of territories you capture.
    5. If one alliance takes over the world, they win. The alliance must unite at that point.
    1. Same as normal RISK (Not a compulsory step)
    1. Choose a player with the same goals as you to ally with. You cannot attack your allies. An alliance acts like one country with two players. (Not a compulsory step)
    2. End turn here.