Timonoucitian Second Civil War

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Timonocitian Second Civil War
Date30 January 2022 - mid-June 2022
Status Unofficial Timonoucitian victory
TimonoucitilandImperial Republic of Timonoucitiland United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS
Commanders and leaders
Eshaan B. Patel Adityan Ragudaran
~5 ~50
Casualties and losses
none Defamation of citizens

The Timonoucitian Second Civil War was a civil war which took place starting on 30 January 2022 and ended during Q2 June 2022. It was fought between the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland and the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS.


Timeline of the Timonoucitian Second Civil War
Time Period Q4 January Q1 February Q2 February Q3 February Q4 February Q1 March Q3 March Summer 2022 Q1 September
Day (if applicable) 30/1/22
Event AAAWWUBBIS declared independence. AAAWWUBBIS manages to attract tonnes of citizens Timonoucitiland invades AAAWWUBBIS successfully. Force surrendrance messages coming to both sides. AAAWWUBBIS manages to get hold of a whopping 50 citizens. An armywoman in AAAWWUBBIS attempts to strangle Eshaan I, but fails and is caught. A friend of the armywoman starts the Second AAAWWUBBian Empire. No activity left in SAE. Disbanded for good.
Land Land of former Timonoucitian citizen's houses is used. 3/8 of AAAWWUBBIS is taken over. Timonoucitiland manages to occupy more than half of AAAWWUBBIS. School forced AAAWWUBBIS to surrender all government and land. Battle of Sharaceubad: AAWWUBBIS takes over District of Shreeland
Victory AAAWWUBBIS AAAWWUBBIS Timonoucitiland Timonoucitiland AAAWWUBBIS Timonoucitiland AAAWWUBBIS Timonoucitiland


Unlike the first civil war, the War Against AAAWWUBBIS was not a cold civil war and included physical battles. However, there were no injuries.

Battle timeline
Battle First Battle of FANBOYS Second Battle of FANBOYS Battle of Monmouth Battle of Sharaceubad
Defender Timonoucitiland AAAWWUBBIS Timonoucitiland Timonoucitiland
Result AAAWWUBBIan victory AAAWWUBBian victory Timonoucitian victory Timonoucitian victory(?)
Time Period Q4 January-Q2 February Q2-Q3 February Q1 March Summer 2022

First Battle of FANBOYS

The First Battle of FANBOYS was a mostly cold battle, and involved tonnes of arguing, possibly more than found in the entire first civil war. It begun on 30 January 2022 and ended on 11 February 2022.

Second Battle of FANBOYS

The Second Battle of FANBOYS took place in a classroom in a middle school. AAAWWUBBIS claimed most of the desks, and rulers were used to slap desks to claim for the nation. It ultimately wound up getting teacher attention: since the teacher was an AAAWWUBBIan citizen, Timonoucitiland forcefully retreated in fear of getting a lunch detention or possibly a Saturday School.

Battle of Monmouth

The Battle of Monmouth was another battle that took place inside the middle school. It took place along a matted wall in the school's main gym, when an armywoman claiming to be a black belt in karate almost strangled the emperor. Thankfully, the Emperor made a weak block and the armywoman surrendered. TEPAJA has come to a conclusion that the armywoman was in fact not a black belt but a noob at karate to begin with.

Later that day, the incident was reported by the Emperor to Student Services, which in the school specialises in student discipline, counselling, etcetera. The counsellor replied that action would be taken in the form of a disbanding of the opposing nation and a big warning to its citizens. The action was taken, and the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS was no more. However, a female citizen decided to re-form AAAWWUBBIS with all the same stuff as before. However, this attracted little to no attention and the number of citizens plummeted, however, the old citizens still did their jobs, worked for the University of AAAWWUBBIS, and supported their old nation even while legally a nonentity there.

Battle of Sharaceubad

The Battle of Sharaceubad was the last battle of the war. It took place within the District of Shreeland when Adityan Ragudaran entered for a pool party which Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad had invited him for. There have been disputes going on about whether the Emperor pulled everbody's pants down, however, this is not true. He did attempt to pull down the pants of two people, however, but he has vowed to never do it again and has apologised to the others at the party, which do not accept the apology and try to spread rumours of the Emperor panting Pravar Gollamudi, though both have said that this event never happened and that Gollamudi's pants just fell off because they weren't tight enough and that the Emperor was on the other side of the pool. However, there were later attempts during a second party to repeatedly smack Eshaan I with a pool noodle, which has been denied by the others at the second party. This was blamed on the false belief of Eshaan I pulling down every single pant in visibility.

By September 2022, nobody was mentioning anything about AAAWWUBBIS and all stated it was disbanded long ago. This leads to AAAWWUBBIS believing the battle result to be a victoriless battle and the Timonoucitian belief that it was a Timonoucitian victory.