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'Motto: Ang mga namumuno ay isa sa mga bayani (The Rulers are one of the heroes )
Anthem: Timorsburg my land(Abandoned by the Unitians after winning their invasion) Nagkakaisa(Replaced Timorsburg my land)
File:LuzonNCRLas Piñas City
CapitalTimorsburg City
Official languagesTagalog, English
GovernmentUnitian styled Absolute Monarchy
• Ruler
His Ruling finess, Ruler Rey the Absolute
EstablishmentMarch 2022
• Census
0~12 citizens
CurrencyPhilippine Peso, PHP/₱
Time zoneUTC +8:00, Philippine Standard Time/PST

Timorsburg Is a micronation recently colonised by The Kingdom of Unitedlands Replacing the Republic to Unitian Styled Absolute Monarchy and changing their motto. They were colonised by the Unitians on May 25, 2022.


Timorsburg was founded by Timothy on March 12, 2022. It is a good Micronation with good population. They also had their superior military with 2 people are always deployed for protection. In May 1 Their economy is doing good. After 22 days later the Ambitious Kingdom of Unitedlands officially invaded the country and the Unitians won the war. President Timothy was kicked out and became an ordinary Citizen and got replaced by the Ruler of Unitedlands Ruler Rey the whole economy is damaged and Timorsburg was in shambles and The Republic was replaced by the Unitian Styled Absolute Monarchy.


It's economy go downhill to fast when the invasion of Unitedlands Started it is estimated that they are in serious debt with Kingdom of Unitedlands for 2000 PHP but the Timorburgian economy has an estimate of 10-900 PHP