Timothy I of Shiloh

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His Royal Majesty, King Timothy I (birth name Timm Miller) is the founder and current Head of State of Shiloh, a micronation, and new country project.

King of Shiloh
King of Shiloh
Reign11 March 2009 – present
Preceded byQueen Beverly
PrincessPrincess Samantha

Founding a nation

On February 14, 2008, Timm created the Kingdom of Lamia, but then later changed the name to the Kingdom of Shiloh. After creating the kingdom, Timm made his mother the first head of state.

Activities as King

King Timothy took the throne on March 11, 2009, after his mother, Queen Beverly's unfortunate death. as King, Timothy has been a driving force behind the Kingdom of Shiloh since his time as Crown Prince, and aggressively campaigns for traditional sovereignty on behalf of his nation. His Majesty has undertaken several diplomatic visits, including participating in MicroCon 2015 and the Summit of the Three Kings in 2012. The King also organized the Summit Upon the Seas in October 2018.

Under his supervision, Shiloh has hosted or co-hosted several events with Westarctica that successfully engaged the general public and encouraged them to learn more about the greater micronational community. The most popular of these events is the annual Royal Polo Match held every summer in Los Angeles, California.

His Majesty also participated in the 2017, Invasion of Calsahara which resulted in that nation becoming a colony of Westarctica. In recognition of the King's valor and leadership, he was raised to Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Snowflake.

It has been revealed that the Grand Duke of Westarctica, Travis I and King Timothy I, would be hosting MicroCon 2022. By the end of 2021, Shiloh had withdrawn from all MicroCon 2022 planning work. King Timothy I nevertheless attended the event as a participant.

Honors and Awards

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