Tommy C.

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Tommy C.
Union President of Tomcall
Citizenship Weg, American
Residence Bushwood

Tommy C. is a Union President in the Federal Union of Wegmat. He founded the tech company of Tomcall and hold the position of its union president as elected by Tomcall's employees. Tommy C. was formally a politician. He held a position as the Minister of Foreign Affairs despite being quite empty in that field. he was enlisted during the NWR Conflict as he lived in Bobbygrad. During the Weg-New German, he fled to Paradise City, Essef. When Levare was re-admitted into Wegmat Tomcall's headquarters moved to Sycamore, Levare where it became the largest company in the province. Tommy ran for president in the 2020 Weg Presidential Election for the Deer Party. He lost by a few votes to Vincent C. of the Founders Party. Tomcall had to move again because of war, it stayed in Paradise city until moving offices to Bushwood. Tommy retired from micronational politics although he is still a citizen.