Tommy Narisworo's state visit to Excellent

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The state visit of Tommy N. of Harjakarta to Excellent occurred on 11 March 2020. It was the first state visit made by Tommy N. and also the very first received by Excellent. Tommy arrival to Excellent city of Centinga on 11 March was welcomed by its head of state Anthony Thomas.[1]

The state visit begin with a tour on the National University as the host of the meeting, then proceed on a discussion on various affairs between both heads of states, and was ended by sealing an agreement on improvement of education and start of economic cooperation and exchange between Excellent and Harjakarta.


Indonesian micronations are generally separated by far distance among each other, which prevented a physical meeting between micronations. Despite on this obstacle, several bilateral summit was successfully took place in the past, for instance between Indokistan and Sunda Raya in 2015.

In January 2020, Harjakartan Great Prince Tommy N. visited Indonesian province of Central Java in order to survey the region for the planned relocation of the national capital away from Narisworo City, which was located in East Java. Understand that his destination was close to Excellent, Prince Tommy then personally contacted Excellent president Anthony Thomas to inquire on a possibility of a state visit, which was warmly welcomed by Thomas.

President Anthony Thomas ordered the establishment of an ad-hoc committee that will arrange the state visit. Main hall of the Samjorta National University in Centinga was decided to become the meeting host of the state visit, with further preparations, such as state visit timeline, was also performed accordingly.


The state visit commenced in the morning of 11 March 2020, when Prince Tommy N. arrived in the main hall of the Samjorta National University in Centinga, Excellent. Prince Tommy was welcomed by President Thomas and his council of ministers. The delegates later proceed to have a tour on the university. After the tour ends, the delegates later returned to the university main hall for the next agenda.

Both heads of states involved in a warm and friendly discussion about various topics, which includes recent situation in Indonesian micronational movement, national economy and social situation, political thoughts, and educational policy of both countries. Tommy and Thomas also reiterated their loyalty to Indonesia and commitment to micronational simulationism, and to support Association of Indonesian Micronations and the organisation effort to introduce themselves to Indonesian public. Thomas then express his support to Tommy on the planned capital relocation plan to Central Java.

Tommy and Thomas later signed a cooperation agreement on cultural exchange and education.

The state visit was concluded by a photo session, including a selfie of both Tommy and Thomas. Prince Tommy, accompanied by Thomas later departs Excellent in afternoon of the day.