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Región Administrativa y Económica Especial de Townsville
Special Administrative and Economic Region of Townsville
Flag of Special Administrative and Economic Region of Townsville
Coat of Arms of Special Administrative and Economic Region of Townsville
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Life is Short - live it." (Tourism Motto) "City of life" (Official Motto)
Anthem: "Townsville the beautiful"
Administrative centerFormaly the El Palacio del Presidente Poderoso
Official languagesSpanish Excelsioran English
• Mayor
Joshua Schnurman
Establishment31 October 2021
• Establishment
31 October 2021
• SAER Status
13 February 2022
• 2022 estimate

The Special Administrative and Economic Region of Townsville, also known as the Townsville Administrative Region or Townsville, is a city and Excelsioran Special Administrative and Economic Region located in Park Slope, Brooklyn it is also the Capital of The Democratic Republic of Vitione. With a population of 13 citizens, Townsville is Excelsior's largest city, and is known for its distinct culture and its outlying status from Excelsioran Government, as the City is bound only by Excelsioran criminal law and has an entirely separate political system. It is led by Mayor Joshua Schnurman and Deputy Mayor Nicolas Caiazzo.

Townsville contains no territory and exists instead as a "region" in which its main center, Joshua Schnurman's school, is located. Many students from the school began becoming citizens of Excelsior, and the territory was created to give them a separate division from Excelsior's center territories. The name came from a popular town council simulation many of the students had participated in at the school. However, the region and Excelsior are in no way affiliated or associated with the school. Townsville was upgraded from Territorial to Special Administrative and Economic Region status on 13 February 2022 via an executive order by Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo. Townsville is politically autonomous from Excelsior and has its own government separate from the Federal Government of Excelsior. The territory is still integrated into Excelsior, however, and is still bound under Excelsioran criminal law.

Townsville is known for its unique culture distinctly different from Excelsioran culture, and its popular tourist attractions, such as the Joshua L. Schnurman Grand Hospital. The territory is culturally removed from Excelsior, and many citizens have never visited or seen Excelsior's center territories, or participated in its federal government. The Mayor of Townsville resides in the Palacio de la Región Especial, the administrative center of Townsville.


Townsville was established 31 October 2021 as a city, and was integrated into Federal Excelsior on 9 November 2021. After Joshua Schnurman was appointed Mayor, the territory flourished and gained multiple new citizens. New infrastructure projects, such as the S.I.D. Bridge and the Joshua L. Schnurman Foundation Bridge were also constructed in the region. After Townsvillian culture began to differ from Excelsioran culture around February 2022, new tourist projects were created to further the territory's culture, such as the Joshua Schnurman Hospital, a popular tourist attraction. The largest company in Townsville, Schnurman and Co. Surgical Practice, was also founded in February.

The bridge shortly after its collapse.

Collapse of the Joshua L. Schnurman Bridge

The Joshua L. Schnurnman Foundation Bridge was a suspension bridge designed by Joshua Schnurman, the first of its kind in the Townsville Territory. In the afternoon of January 25, 2022, the second day the bridge was in service, the road deck became twisted at a dangerous angle to the left. After the main beam began separating from the anchor, the bridge was immediately closed. After testing pressure was applied, the left tower began to tilt to the right. At 11:48 AM the road deck began to buckle and became dangerously low. Any efforts to save the bridge were abandoned, and at 11:49 AM the road deck buckled and collapsed, with the left tower falling on top to the right. There were no fatalities or injuries.

Upgrade to SAER status

On 13 February 2022, the territory was upgraded to SAER status via executive order by Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo after talks between Mayor Schnurman and Caiazzo about potential autonomy. Caiazzo cited Townsville's removal from Excelsioran culture and its unique political system as the main reasons for its change in status. The change was received positively among locals, with little reaction from members of the government and residents of Capitol Excelsior.


The City is led by the Mayor of Townsville. The Mayor works at managing the day-to-day operations of Townsville. The Deputy Mayors, appointed by the Duke, assist in this task. The council votes on city policy and is chaired by the Duke. The political system of Townsville is not under the control of the Excelsioran Federal Government.


Townsvillian culture is very different from the culture of the center territories of Excelsior. One popular Townsvillian practice is "satirical surgery", "surgeries" performed for fun on non-sentient objects, such as fruit. These unique "surgeries" can be viewed at tourist attractions such as the Joshua Schnurman Hospital.


Cavendish Bananas, a popular snack in the region.

Townsvillian cuisine is varied and is made up of the cuisines of many nations, much like typical Excelsioran cuisine. Bananas are a popular snack amongst citizens in the region.


Much of the media in Townsville is graphic design, which is popular among citizens as an activity. Many citizens create different designs using programs such as Pixlr or Canva which they share with friends.


Every citizen of Townsville has at least a small amount of fluency in the Spanish language, which is commonly spoken in Townsville. The Palacio de la Región Especial, the administrative center of Townsville and residence of the Mayor, goes by an official Spanish name, the only Excelsioran building to do so. Spanish is not an official language of Excelsior, so Townsville's culture of the Spanish language is distinct from mainland Excelsior.

Scientific development

Townsville has often been viewed as the "scientific hub of Excelsior", even being described as such by the ENNC, Excelsior's state-run media channel. Much of excelsior's scientific progress has been made in Townsville.


Many famous engineering and infrastructure projects, such as the S.I.D. bridge, the longest beam bridge in Excelsior, or the Joshua L. Schnurman Foundation Bridge, which collapsed in 2022, were built in the region. Infrastructure still remains a key part of Townsville today.

Medical developments

Townsville has been lauded as the center of the Excelsioran medical industry, with Excelsior's only hospital and only medical organization both being headquartered in the region. Many key developments in Excelsior's medical technology were made in Townsville, most notably the DNA extraction experiment of 2022, where Joshua Schnurman extracted DNA from a banana. The Ministry of Health is headquartered in Townsville.


License plate

As a Special Administrative and Economic Region of Excelsior, Townsville has its own distinct license plate, designed by Mayor Joshua Schnurman.

License plates of Townsville
Plate No. Designer Adopted Retired
001 Joshua Schnurman 14 February 2022 15 February 2022
002 Joshua Schnurman 15 February 2022 In service


The anthem of Townsville is "Townsville the beautiful", which is to the tune of "Hail to the Chief". Here are the lyrics:

Townsville the beautiful,

Townsville the brave, Townsville the strong.

Townsville the glorious, free and vast.

Townsville my home, shall forever last.

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