Traüme von Reich

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Traüme von Reich
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
ReleasedDecember 2010
RecordedDecember 2010, 'British' Taigh a Bata
GenreMinimalism, New Age, Electronica
ProducerScott Harwood

Traüme von Reich is the tenth studio album by Scott Harwood. The album is distributed on the Shedpop label and was released in December 2010.


The album was the second to be made in 'British' Taigh a Bata.


The album contains a number of styles. 'Traüme von Reich' is a pun - 'Reich' in this case refers to Steve Reich. The track can be described as abstract minimalism. The 'Marching to a New Age' tracks are new age based, whilst 'Der Traüme ist Tot!' describes (in the music and the title) Steve Reich waking up from a perfect dream.

Track listing

  1. Traüme von Reich (13:51)
  2. Minimalism in Both Senses (01:50)
  3. Marching to a New Age 1 (04:40)
  4. Marching to a New Age 2 (03:43)
  5. Der Traüme ist Tot! (02:04)


  • Yamaha PSR-350
  • Korg Kaossilator
  • Zoom effects machine