Travarcian Aeronautics Space Agency

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On the 1st of June, 2018, the Travarcian Aeronautics Space Agency or TASA was founded. It was based in the Travarcian province of Burloog. On the very same day, they launched the Irresistible I on its maiden voyage. The Irresistible mission was a success, setting a path for the future of TASA.

TASA's official logo

Irresistible I

The Irresistible I made several flights, making history in TASA.

Flight IR000100011

On the first flight, Winston Kensington was monitoring the launchpad, while Merle Sgwan monitored mission control. The Irresistible I was such a success, that it flew again in the near future. Its crew were decorated after their mission.

Flight IR000200031

The second Irresistible I flight and the third Flight registered by TASA. The tragedy that occurred during this historic flight was the crash. In a crew of 11, there were five injuries and two deaths.

Irresistible II

The Irresistible II was a ship made to resemble its predecessor, the Irresistible I, but improved to show how far TASA had come.

Flight IR000100042

A successful flight and the fourth flight of TASA. It made a perfect landing with its reinforced spring-loaded legs.

Flight IR000200052

The fifth flight of TASA and the second flight of the Irresistible II. The left leg was not measured correctly, which resulted in one injury on landing.

Flight IR000300062

The unfortunate last flight of the Irresistible II which resulted in a death toll of 9/11. Out of respect, the Irresistible II never left the ground again, and thus, did not become the first TASA ship to leave Earth's atmosphere like promised.

The Arm of God Fleet

Six ships were sent out in the Arm of God fleet, each one sent out twice. The flight results went like this:

AR000100071 Success

AR000100082 Success

AR000100093 One injury

AR0001000104 Three injuries

AR0001000115 Two injuries

AR0001000126 Flight Cancelled

AR0002000131 Success

AR0002000142 Success (Perfect landing)

AR0002000153 Lost contact with ship - Flight found. Two injuries

AR0002000164 Lost contact with ship - Flight found

AR0002000175 Two Injuries

AR0002000186 Lost contact with ship - Flight found. Three injuries

The Patriot

The Patriot's first registered flight was cancelled shortly before assigned take-off. The cancelled flight ID was: VE000100021 and it was the second ever registered TASA flight. Afterwards, several Patriot flights were made that are not catalogued here. TASA has kept the data in their archives and it will hopefully be posted soon.

The official logo of the Patriot space program.

The Height

Likewise with the Patriot, the Height's results on its test flights are not recorded on this page, only in the TASA archives. The results of the Height's program were rather insignificant compared to the other crafts, which is why it is less likely for them to ever be catalogued here than the Patriot's results.