Treaty of Aintree

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The Treaty of Aintree is a formal alliance between micronations which control any territory within Merseyside, England. The Treaty is expected to be signed in April 2009 and the contracting micronations will become automatic member-states of the new orginisation, the League of Merseyside Micronations, which will promote peace through the area and create strong intermicronational Bonds.

If any micronation eligable or with serious interests of signing the treaty they can receive a copy if you click here

The Treaty

Volume I - Foreign Affairs

Volume II - Borders

Volume III - League of Merseyside Micronations

Volume IV - Signatures

Contracting Micronations

Kingdom of South Altania

Republic of North Altania

Kingdom of Camuria

Kingdom of Lunt Village

Empire of Northwood

Kingdom of Paradawn

Any micronations which hold territories within Merseyside are invited to join and sign the Four Volume treaty.