Treaty of Canberra (2021)

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Treaty of Canberra
Front cover of the treaty.
Ratified25 March 2021
Date effective25 March 2021

The Treaty of Canberra is the founding and most important regulatory document of the Micronational Community of Australia. It was signed by the founding members of the MCA; the Empire of Etukan, the Republic of Matthewopia, the Empire of Lurdentania, the Empire of Coldaynia and Chriona on the 25th of March, 2021 and has since been signed and ratified by 14 other Australian micronations. It was written by the Emperor of Etukan Zecheriah O'Hair (who would serve as interim President of the organisation before being elected in May), with deliberation and advice from the leaders of the four other founding members.


The predecessor to the MCA, the Australian Micronational Council, had lacked any constitutional or organisational legislation outside of the original Establishment Agreement, that was notably vague in its wording. As such, the Treaty of Canberra was created over the course of more than a month, from at least the 22nd of February until the first draft was presented to the founding members, as well as the Emperor of Lehmark, William Lehman, on the 8th of March. The Treaty was edited continuously until its final rendition was signed and ratified by the founding members 17 days later on the 25th.

Treaty contents


The treaty consists of several articles detailing the rights and responsibilities of its signatories. Article 1 states that:

The Parties undertake to settle any international dispute with each other in a manner that does not threaten international peace, justice or security and refrain from the use of force or threatening the use of force against one another.

Article 4 also requires that members do not enter into any agreement or treaty that contradicts the Treaty of Canberra.

Organisation Structure

The treaty details the functionality of the Council of the MCA, as well as the process of authorising new members, electing the President of the organisation and amending the treaty.


The Treaty of Canberra has only been amended once.

  • 8 October 2021: The title of "Secretary General" changed to "President".


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