Treaty of Chandril

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The Treaty of Chandril was signed between the President of Lowenia and the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra. Its purpose was to dissolve the Republic of Lowenia and the creation of a Special Administrative Region called Chandril.

Treaty of Chandril
Created 2020
Ratified 2020
Location Google Docs
Authors Dhrubajyoti Roy
Signers  Republic of Lowenia
 State of Vishwamitra
Purpose To dissolve the Republic of Lowenia and the creation of a special administrative region called Chandril.



The territories of the erstwhile Republic of Lowenia shall be transferred to the State of Vishwamitra, and that the “Special Administrative Territory of Chandril” shall be established.


His Majesty the Rashtradhyaksh shall be the Sovereign of the Special Administrative Territory and shall be known as His Majesty the Sovereign of Chandril. As Sovereign, he shall be the Grand Master of the “Order of Chandril”, the sole decoration of the SAR of Chandril.


The special administrative territory shall be governed by an Administrator, to be appointed by the Sovereign, who shall be in office on the pleasure of the appointer. The Administrator shall be responsible for the following matters:-

  • Internal matters of the Special Administrative Territory.
  • Matters related to defence and internal security.
  • Advise and be in regular communication with the Sovereign.
  • Be Grand Chancellor of the Order of Chandril, and be the nominator for the top decoration.
  • The Administrator of the Territory shall be ranked immediate after the Prime Minister in the federal order of precedence, and shall be styled - “His/Her Excellency The Right Honourable” or H.E. The Rt. Hon.


The status of the special administrative territory shall be reviewed after two years from the treaty being signed.


The special administrative territory shall be established with effect from 19 October 2020, Monday.


President of Lowenia Chandrachur Basu
Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra Dhrubajyoti Roy