Treaty of Nyros/Full text

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The governments of the Empire of Paravia, the State of Nedland, the Grémmian Empire, the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, the State of Dachenia, the Usian Republic, and the Republic of Humanytaria,

Having agreed to join together in federation, to secure common well-being and prosperity,

Recognising the benefits of united sovereign faculties, including a lively national legislature, a competent cabinet, and strength in diplomatic and economic affairs, and numerous others,

Recognising the limitations imposed by the nature of a federal state on its constituent members in order to bring about these benefits,

Hereby agree to the following:


Their sovereignty shall be granted to the Empire of Paravia, where they shall become federal states, with large degrees of autonomy. They shall follow the laws and regulations made by the Riksting, and shall not pass any local legislation which contradicts the Federal Constitution or Federal law.


That they shall neither join international organizations, nor open or have any kind of foreign relations with other states, and shall allow all foreign policy to be administered by the Federal government.


Each state shall send one delegate to the Chamber of Delegates. These delegates shall be the leaders of their respective Federal states.


If a federal state wishes to secede from the Empire, they must first inform the Riksting of their intention to secede, then hold a referendum to confirm the popular mandate for secession. If the option to secede receives a majority of votes, the state shall cease to be a member of the Empire of Paravia and shall be free from all Federal law.


All signatories must hereby follow the Federal Constitution.


No accession to this treaty by states other than listed in the preamble of this treaty shall be deemed valid.


This treaty shall enter into force at noon, Central European Summer Time, 21 July 2016.


Patrick I
Empire of Paravia

Prime Minister
State of Nedland

Michael I
Grémmian Empire

Ava Neasa
Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek

Shady Hosam Morsi
State of Dachenia

not yet signed
Head of Executive
Usian Republic

Radia Crann
Republic of Humanytaria