Trial of the Major Fascist Leaders

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The Trial of the Major Fascist Leaders was a tribunal before the New European Imperial Constitutional Court. It was the first use of the New European judicial system in its latest set up, and held a lot of expectancy for the hope of New Europe's reputation as a "fair society". After the trial the New European Fascist Party was banned from participating in the national government. Its seats in the Imperial Assembly were given to the New European Nationalist Party. The advocates of Vaughn Bullock and for Johannus von Ikner demanded that they alone be given a trial of appeal. After months of recovery the Emperor approved the trial and it began on 19 April 2010.

The Trial

The tribunal was opened on 4 December 2009, in the Chicago City Hall in Chicago. The tribunal was presided over by the Honorable Judge Alexis Heinekamp. The prosecution entered indictments against 4 major criminals and two criminal organizations – the leadership of the fascist party, and the High Command of the New European Republican armed forces.

The indictments were for:

  1. Acts of treason against the crown and empire.
  2. Participation in a common plan to overthrow the supreme national law.
  3. Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace. 
  4. Microcrimes Against Humanity.

The 4 accused were:

"I" indicted      "G" indicted and found guilty      "N" indicted and found not guilty      "O" Not Charged



Count Penalty










G G G G exile Founder of and leader of the Fascist Party. Reich Führer of the Social Republic of New Europe, and primary insticator of the entire New European Civil War. Found guilty on all four counts of indictement. Lead the Fascist Forces with enthusiasm and forced those loyal to the government to renounce it by force. And is responsible for the forced exile of the Imperial Family and the Emperor.
G G G G exile Vice-Führer of the Social Republic of New Europe, and accused of being the mastermind of the coup on 21 November 2009. Found guilty on all four counts of indictment. Began the initial plotting to overthrow the government and intentionally provoked the Fascist Party to rebel. Threatened P.O.W.'s with violence against their families.

G N N N 4 years banished Minister of War in the Social Republic of New Europe, and accused of financially supplying the Fascist Army. Had no part in the initial coup, and only acted as a figurehead of the Fascist Army. But because he accepted the office he was found guilty of treason.
G O N O 1 year banished General and Chief of staff of the Volksarmee. He was been proven innocent of microcrimes against humanity. Found guilty of treason for commanding the Fascist Army in the field.

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