Tukat Ætimak

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The Right Honorable
Tukat Ætimak
3rd Prime Minister of Malinovia
Assumed office
2 July 2020
Preceded byVacant prior to appointment
Personal details
Born17 January 2004 (2004-01-17) (age 19)
Campinas, Brazil
Citizenship Brazil
Political partyIndependent
ResidencesRegistro, Brazil
Military service
AllegianceTeujot Commonwealth
Branch/serviceCyberforces of Teujot
Years of serviceJuly 2020-present
RankLeader of The Nation

Tukat Ætimak is the pseudonym of Oleg Valentim Viana Ivanovich. He is a political, millitary commander, singer, poet, historian, teacher, writer,vexillographer and diplomat. He is the former Prime Minister of the State of Malinovia. Tukat was born in 2004 and currently lives in Registro, Brazil. He is also the founder and first leader of the Teujot Commonwealth.

In July 2020, Tukat came under fire for attempting to infect Athurian emperor Vincent I's computer with a trojan, disguised as a "micronational boost". For this, he was relieved of his duties as Malinovian Prime Minister and was banned from MicroWiki@Discord.


Tukat has suffered bullying because he has autism and bipolarity.


Tukat joined micronationalism in early 2020.

Jauja Incident

Tukat and 2 other millitary commanders attacked the 5 important points in Jauja, Rasid Republic. They attacked: Point Hoga, Climatic Agency, President Mansion, Parliament and Flag Building. The government considerated a coup attempt. A DEFCON 3 (Higher level on DEFCON system of Rasid) was being executed. They destroyed the Climatic Agency, The parliament got partially destroyed, President Mansion got a severe damage, Point Hoga burned (kitchen area) and Flag Building recived a small damage. It was sucessfull and the Rasid Republic got dissolved.


He is the principal athlete of Teujot. He got 2 golden medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze.


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■ Order of Teujotich Dawn (07/08/2020)