Union Bloc

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Union Bloc
LeaderConnor Shaw
Founded19 August 2021 1st
12 November 2022 2nd
Dissolved22 June 2022 1st
Headquarters Huntsburg
Membership (2022)3
IdeologyPro-Commander, Revanchism, Authoritarianism, Chauvinism, Patriotism, State socialism, Catholic distributism
Political positionSyncretic
Party flag

Union Bloc was a syncretic political party in the State of Faltree. Connor Shaw founded the party on 19 August 2021 with the intention of being an official Faltrian ideology. The party supports State-Socialism, Revanchism, Authoritarianism, Chauvinism, Patriotism, Catholic distributism, and a strong executive government under the Commander of Faltree. The party was dissolved on 22 June 2022 initially, but was re-established by Shaw on 12 November 2022.


Union Bloc was the farthest right political party in Faltree socially as it supported conservative and religious values, wanting both to be prevalent within Faltrian society. As of November 2022 it is not the farthest right party in Faltree. It supports policies such as stronger power for the executive government, as the party supported almost all actions of the Commander of Faltree. The party also supported revanchism, chauvinism, patriotism, and was a proponent of Faltrian state-socialism. Union Bloc also previously supported an increase of francophone culture within Faltree.


Union Bloc had consistently maintained its' status as the largest party in Faltree with 25% of the population being a registered party member before dissolving for the first time. Members of the party refer to themselves as "partisans", owing to the party's support of introducing french culture within Faltree.

Party statistics

Senate Cabinet Overall member count
9 / 18
2 / 6
20 (at height)