Union of Micronational Allies

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The Allied Micronations was the brain-child of a one, John Hamilton in September 2006. Thinking that they needed a union unlike the weaker ones he has seen he decided to create the 'Allied Micronations'. He set up a system of governing that meant the Allied Micronations would have two rulers named Supreme Chancellors and they would be voted in and out every 12 months as so no one person could have control over other nations. He made a constitution in the Allied Micronations and every Micronation had to agree to everything on the constitution or they would be denied membership. In late 2005 he had almost finished with two members ready to join as soon as it started. It was officially opened of 1 January 2007 and John Hamilton and Paul Jones, a friend, were the first two chancellors and then in 2008 after the poles closed Ian Forrest and John Hamilton were made the Chancellors and at the end of 2008 John Hamilton has served the maximum allowance to be Supreme Chancellor and will not be able to be nominated. On the 20th October 2008 after investigations between relations between King Richard of the Kingdom of Yorkshire it was found that he and members of the Queenslandic Federation government they were planning on over throwing the A.M so Supreme Chancellor Ian Forrest was given full control over the A.M by the other Supreme Chancellor, John Hamilton and Ian decided to re-establish the A.M he reorginised it into the Union of Micronational Allies and the head of it is the Secretary-General. Who is voted in by other senior members of the U.M.A.


Kingdom of Camuria

Pincipality of New England

Queenslandic Federation

Kingdom of Yorkshire

Kingdom of South Florida

Kingdom of Altania


If you wish to put forward an application to join the Allied Micronations