Union of Micronational Soviet Socialist Republics

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Union of Micronational Soviet Socialist Republic
Uni Republik Soviet Sosialis Mikronasional
Flag of UMSSR
Motto: Pekerja Seluruh Dunia, Bersatulah!
Workers of the World, Unite!
Anthem: The Internationale
LocationJakarta, Indonesia
and largest city
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia
GovernmentSoviet republic
• Prime Minister
Yury Zozulya
LegislatureCentral Council of the Soviets
• Established
19 March 2012
• Rejoin Los Bay Petros
February 2013
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

Union of Micronational Soviet Socialist Republics (Indonesian: Uni Republik Soviet Sosialis Mikronasional; acronym UMSSR) was an Indonesian micronation existed from March 2012 until February 2013. The country was declared by communist Los Bay Petros (LBP) politicians, including Yury Zozulya and Indrawan Prasetyo after conflicts with central government and its president Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman. UMSSR runs a strict foreign policy, with pervasive spread of socialism and a confrontational policy against their former country.


UMSSR embrio was first formed in Los Bay Petrosian states of Ambulomgrad (founded by Indrawan Prasetyo in 2010) and Germaningrad and Kameveropo (founded by Yury Zozulya in 2011). Those states were ruled by Nasakom Party since its foundation, resulting in the states to be collectively called "socialist territories".

In early 2012, ideological conflict between the socialist state governments against the central government turned significantly worsen, with the central government were labeled as reactionary-capitalist by the socialists. After calls for formation of an independent socialist country, the state governments staged an independence referendum on 18 March 2012 on their own states. LBP central government later agreed to allow the socialist states independence, after learning that the central government has lost support on the states, as the referendum results were supportive for independence. UMSSR declared its foundation in 19 March 2012.

Socialist UMSSR was once reformed as monarchy Jaankecil.

Shortly after the foundation, UMSSR authority took a completely opposite direction by merging with the monarchy Kossian Empire. Kossian Emperor Lucas I invitation to join the Empire was accepted by UMSSR authority, and its union was declared in 28 March 2012. Inside Kossian Empire, UMSSR was reformed as Jaankecil, and Yury Zozulya appointed as prime minister. The union was heavily opposed by citizens supporting socialist republic over a monarchy. A communist-led rebellion occurred later forced Kossian Empire to abrogate Jaankecil union to Koss. Jaankecil was separated from Kossian Empire in early April 2011, allowing the country to return to its original socialist path.

In August 2012, UMSSR acquired its fourth republic, Polska-Lyivgrad.

In the end of 2012, the country suffered from inactivity. On February 2013, UMSSR ended their struggle to establish communism and rejoined Los Bay Petros.


UMSSR authority was very secretive, with informations about the state government shared to Indonesian micronational community was kept at bare minimum. UMSSR government was committed to Trotskyism, showed by its decision to aligning itself to the Fourth International shortly after its formation, publication of several propaganda promoting Trotskyism sanctioned by the authority, and proposed national flag with Fourth International logo imprinted on it.

Administrative divisions

UMSSR acquired its first three states after its separation from Los Bay Petros, those were Ambulomgrad, Germaningrad, and Kameveropo. In May 2012, a government dossier announced that the states had been reformed as "republics" and renamed. The fourth republic, called Polska-Lyivgrad, were acquired in August 2012.

Name Original name Founded
East Republic Germaningrad March 2012
Polska-Lyivgrad Republic August 2012
Red Republic Ambulomgrad March 2012
West Republic Kameveropo March 2012

Foreign relations

Mainstream Indonesian micronations generally doesn't recognized UMSSR officially and until its dissolution, was excluded from the community. The only country officially recognizes UMSSR was their former country Los Bay Petros that tied to bilateral treaty to recognize UMSSR. Several unofficial relations was formed despite of that, including Indokistani Farhan Abbas that was delegated to the country as representative - he was later founded to be sympathetic to UMSSR.

UMSSR sanctioned a confrontational policy against Los Bay Petros. UMSSR claimed that their goal was to establish true democracy and vanquishing capitalist-dictatorial LBP government. On 11 May 2012, an UMSSR politician published his dossier on "Micronational Social and Politics", on which he attacks "capitalist-feudalistic micronation" - which was Los Bay Petros - while praising "egalitarian micronations" - such as Fihanesia and Indokistan. On that document, he also declared that one document will be send to each delegates of intermicronational conference in August 2012, and "cleared the cloud" for the truth on that "capitalist-feudalistic micronation".

The country's foreign policy was aggresive, with bonds only established with like-minded micronations they perceived as "progressive". UMSSR established an organisation called "Left Wing Micronational", with their long-term goal was the defeat of capitalism and imperialism in micronationalism. Several critics argued that Lewinmirn only serves as a tool of UMSSR politicians to attract support for their confrontation against Los Bay Petros.