Union of the Silbervian Communes

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Free Republic of Silbervia
República Livre da Silbérvia (Portuguese)
Libera Respubliko Silberaj (Esperanto)
National Flag of Silbervia
Emblem of Silbervia
State Emblem
Motto: "Por paco ni devas kuniĝi"(Esperanto)
"For peace, we must unite"
Anthem: Devo defender minha Gloriosa Terra Natal
aka:La Bayamesa

Commune Anthem: A Internacional
Government Seal
Silbervian Government Seal
(Silbervia)World Map.png
(Silbervia)Divisions World Map.png
and largest city
Primeira Vista City
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Unitary Universalist
GovernmentDominant-Party Presidencialist Technocratic Republic
• Revolutionary Leader of the Nation, General-Secretary and Chairman of the TSP
Felipe de Oliveira
LegislatureNational Congress
Cabinet of Ministers
from Brazil
• Independence
18 September 2020
• Felipe's government
19 September 2020
• Constitution written
13 March 2021
• Constitution renovated
12 October 2022
• Census
CurrencyBrazilian Real
Time zoneUTC-3 (BRT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+55

The Free Republic of Silbervia, (Portuguese: República Livre da Silbérvia) (Esperanto: Libera Respubliko Silberaj), is a South American micronation exclaved and enclaved in Brazil, established by Felipe de oliveira on 18 September 2022 (on the founder's birthday), inspired by Soviet Union. And ruled as a Technocratic Republic where the president has an very strong power ruling until 6 years where the government appoint the most professioal politician in the ministers cabinet. However, the president also guarantees a lot of civil rights.


The name "Silbervia" is an adaptation of the name of the Municipality of Silveiras in São paulo, Brazil.


First Republic (2020–2022)

The Republican era started when Felipe de Oliveira, indignant about the crime and corruption in Brazil and dreaming in ruling an country, after searching about creating countries, he found articles about Micronationalism. It was when he became very interested about it and founded Silbervia in his house backyard. Proclaiming Himself as President of Silbervia in 19 September 2020. Also in September 2022, He Proclaimed himself as King of Silbervia.

September Monarchy

The September Monarchy started when Felipe de Oliveira dissolved the Republic, estabilished the monarchy, wrote an new constitution and proclaimed himself as King of Silbervia after population's stability problems. Also in 10 October 2022 the problems has been resolved and the Republic was restored.

Politics and government


Silbervia is an Technocratic Republic in which an President(choosen according to his professionalism in his area and ruling the nation per 6 years) has an Strong power in the Government in general concentrating the hole nation's executive power exercising decrees. According to the Constitution written in 11 October 2021(After the Restauration of Republic), After the period of the current president, the Ministers cabinet appoint another politician professional in his area.


Silbervia only haves an Army formed by Ground forces which have the duty of protect:

  • The President
  • The nation's interests
  • The population's security in war times.


Administrative Regions

Silbervia Regions map with Flags
The Blackberry Tree that marks the Primeiran-Berrybenian border
Name Flag Emblem Residents Governor Date of Foundation
Federal Divisions
Commune of Primeira Vista
Comunidade da Primeira Vista
Flag of Primeira Vista Emblem of Primeira Vista 2 Not yet appointed December 2020(Oldest)
Commune of West Primeira Vista
Comunidade da Primeira vista do Leste
Flag of West Primeira Vista Emblem of West Primeira Vista 1 Not yet appointed October 2022(Newest)
Commune of Berrybenia
Comunidade da Amorenia
Flag of Berrybenia Emblem of BerryBenia 0 Not yet appointed July 2021
Commune of Camalania
Comunidade da Camalania
Flag of Camalania Emblem of Camalania 1 Greg the Cat August 2022


Silbervia has an Humid Subtropical Climate, Predominant in the Southeast and South regions of Brazil. There are no snow and have very hot summers between November, December and January which occasionally reach above 39°C But Normally are Between 20°C-31°C. Also with mild winters between June, July and August which are between 15°C-18°C and rarely reaching below 13°C


At Least 70% of Silbervian Ground is made with Concrete and other materials, Also at least 30% of Silbervian Ground must be for planting only according to the ambiental law.


Date Holiday
1 January New Year's Day
08 March Women's Day
22 Abril Lenin's Comemoration Day
01 May Labour's Day
18 September Independence day
25 December Christmas(Non-Religious)

National Symbols


Flag of Silbervia
See adjacent text.
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:2
Design White, with purple and black squares
Designed by Felipe

The Silbervia national flag was designed in 12 September 2022.

  • White Represents Peace
  • Black Represents the Communes
  • Purple Represents the Union of the nation


Emblem of Silbervia

The Emblem of Silbervia was Designed in 19 October 2022 by Felipe Felmer. There are Blackberries(national plant), 4 Stars representing the communes, There are the Fasces like teh cuban arms(related with collectivism, not fascism) representing the people's union, the classic hammer and sickle of communism representing the architects and the farmers. Also there two ribbons with the date of foundation and the date of the proclamation of republic.

National Animal

The national animal is the Cat, actually, there are 3 (1 is the Leader's Pet named Greg that also is the governor of Camalania) all the cats is registred citizens.

National Plant

The national plant is the Blackberry Tree, in the nation are 3 Blackberry Trees. Blackberry is also the fruit most used in other dishes.

National Dishes and Drinkings

The National dish is Blackberry Pie which it is eaten principally in national celebrations and ceremonies. Also the national Drink is the Coffee With Milk drink by most of the population

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