Avalore Federal Republic

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The Avalore Federal Republic(AFR) is a Micronation on the east coast of the United States. It is a regional power with a collective 370+ acres.

Avalore Federal Republic
Flag of Avalore
Motto: There is Peace through Unity
Anthem: Avalore the Great
Largest cityRaleigh
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
White: 70%

Black: 20%

Others: 10%
  • Avalorian
  • Carolinian
  • Northerners
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President
• Prime Leader
• General of the Military
LegislatureSupreme Council
EstablishmentJune 23rd, 2011
• Total
370 acres (150 ha)
• Estimate
HDI (2022)0.912
very high
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time


Pre-History: (-2011)

Going all the way back to 2001, Carolina was split into many micronations. There was one regional power called the Goldsboro Empire which was at peace for years. A new leader was elected which implemented an expansionist policy and quickly absorbed surrounding nations. By the year 2010, the empire had conquered nearly all the neighboring nations until one day the leader imposed strict rules on conquered peoples resulting in minor skirmishes. In 2011, an international war would start.

Age of Conflict: (2011-2018)

A liberation front was quickly developed between the rebel regions with minor back and forth gains. The first major win for the rebels was the Battle of Jacksonville. Goldsboro's advance was halted from moving east and Morehead City nation joined the fight. Over the next few years, the rebellion would declare themselves the Carolina Republic with de facto capitals of Raleigh and Greenville. The Battle of New Bern happened July 16th, 2015 resulting in Goldsboro retreat from all eastern provinces. Goldsboro would launch operation Belgium early 2016 by invading neighboring Wilson to cut Raleigh off from the rest of the new nation and encircle Greenville. The Battle of ECU followed shortly afterwards with that being called the turning point of the war. Goldsboro had no major offensives after that and would continue to get pushed back to the city of Goldsboro. The Battle of Goldsboro was not only the last but the costliest battle. Their entire land was decimated and the reconstruction continues to this day.

Golden Age: (2018-2019)

The Peace Treaty demilitarized Goldsboro and made it a province of the Carolina Republic. Not long after, the first leader resigned and Matt became the new leader. Matt Reorganize the Carolina Republic into the Carolina Federal Republic with the common name UCE. At this point, UCE was at it's largest with territory in Carolinas, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, and New York.

Stagnation Period: (2019-2021)

The Stagnation period was a period of no growth or decay. It also encompassed the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic with many in the nation staying home. The Carolina Cyber Department was created during this time to connect with citizens and foreign Micronations through the internet.

Regional Power Age: (2021-)

During this age, the first contact with micronations through the internet was established in May 2021. The UCE joined the cyber alliance, Global Diplomacy Alliance, in joint effort to combat Almendria away from the Micronational community. In, August 2021, the GDA collapsed with UCE cyber affairs moving to Microwiki then Rocky Mountain Confederation. From September through December a somewhat controversial experiment codenamed "Appalachia" was conducted seeing how easily it was for our cyber defenses to get bypassed. Results conducted that if one fake account can destabilize multiple servers, there is no way our servers could withstand a real crisis. At the end, Ownership of RMC was transferred back to McKay which was very controversial to Sauce, Animejat, and Chad. Following this, Cyber department was off from December 2021 to February 4th, 2023.

In 2023, King Matt resigned ending the imperial age. Shortly after, Ashley was elected as President. Starting in May 2023, a proposal for the creation of a new name was made. On July 16th, a new tri-color flag was created to replace the imperial flag. On July 17th, the new name Avalore was put into effect to symbolize the unity of the Federation.

Politics And Government

The AFR is a Federal Republic meaning there is a federation of states. Power is separated into the state and federal level. Each state has the ability to manage themselves while the federal government manages nationwide affairs. The federal government is composed of two branches, the Legijudicial and the Executive. The Legijudicial is composed of the Supreme Council and the Executive is composed of the President.

As per order 25, effective since 2018 until further notice, the President remains in power while the council has majority power.

The council is permanent but the states get to elect their own local governments and a representative which reports to the council. The council has eight seats each representing the 8 states.

As per order 26, order 25 is declared nullified.


The AFR is comprised of many climates and regions. To the west are the Appalachian Mountains covered in thick forests. To the South you will find hot temperatures. To the East you will find forests and wetlands. In the northern territory you will find the Adirondack Mountains which receive 95 percent of AFR snowfall totals. Throughout the nation, there are also many rivers such as the Neuse, Trent, Tar, New, Mohawk, etc... Due to this, the lands in the main territory are futile allowing for many farms. Farms in AFR include Hog, Turkey, Horse. Rotational plants include Corn, Cotton, Soybeans, Watermelons, Pumpkins, and sometimes Tobacco depending on seasonable conditions, rotation, and current markets.

Science and Technology

The AFR is a technological power in the region. Drone technology is most prevalent with the research of UAVs and UGVs. Rocketry is second most researched but has yet to have any tests. Science is one of the fastest growing fields in AFR. From an agricultural based economy to an economy of science and innovation. Starting with Gen X and more noticeably with Gen Z having jobs in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math field.

Foreign Relations

As part of AFR's foreign relations, the AFR has a non aggression policy. The AFR does not attack any nation out of aggression. War can only be used for defensive purposes. The AFR may only help allied nations in the event they are attacked and are not the aggressors.

Signed into effect December 25th, 2022: Order 27: All negative relations have been nullified and set back to neutral with the exception of nations deemed terroristic.

Military and National Security

The AFR has 4 branches of Military: Air Force, Marines, Army, and Navy. There are currently no active duty personnel but all citizens(excluding kids) are enrolled into the reserves of one of the four branches.

Military History:

In 2011 with the outbreak of the Great Carolina War, the rebels composed of nothing more than an unequipped army with no air or naval power.

With the liberation of New Bern(now Neuberna), the first Naval force was created out of a river boat.

The first Airforce was created after several failed tests of UAVs shortly after the Great Carolina War was over.

The Marines are the newest branch created June of 2019. They specialize in advanced survival capabilities.

Note: These are only Estimated numbers below.

Air Force:

Consisting of 6 UAVS and more under research. *Research will not be given details for security purposes.


Majority of the military. Consisting of Personal Weapons.


Consisting of only 5 highly trained individuals.


Consisting of 4 ships. Two Sound and Ocean capable ships and two river ships.

*Real Weapons are only used in the most dire of circumstances. For things such as the Great Carolina War, non lethal weapons and items were used.

National Security:

There have been numerous Security threats through AFR history.

Some Reports:

February 4th, 2023: An unidentified Chinese Balloon violated AFR claimed airspace. On top of that, an American F-22 Fighter Jet shot the balloon down over AFR claimed airspace.