United Chrononian Emirates

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Chrononia (CRO-no-NEE-ah) is a small, self-declared group of sovereign nations (better known as micronations) which have come together in order to form the United Chrononian Emirates. Chrononia declared it's independence from England in November 2018. It is a small group of islands with a minimal population simply wishing to help other micronations who need it.

The United Chrononian Emirates
Anthem: "Chrono's Ballad"
Largest cityRippleTide
Official languagesEnglish, Ancient Chrononian
Demonym(s)Chrononian (singular), Chrononians (plural)
LegislatureChrononian Emiratic Council
EstablishmentNov. 28, 2018
• Census
Time zoneCentral Time Zone


Chrononia is named after the word ' Chrono ', meaning time in Latin. This is because, throughout its existence, Chrononia has managed to stand strong through wars, disease, and other afflictions that may affect a nation. The suffix ' nia ' meaning 'ours' in Chrononian. Together, these two words form the phrase "Our Time" according to Chrononian grammatical law. This would probably mean "Our time to shine!" but we are not certain if this was the intended meaning. However, the name Chrononia wasn't given to the land until 2018, and it was previously known as simply 'The Woods'. The terms United and Emirates state that the microdominions are united and an emirate government.


The Discovery Age (1680-2003AD): The Discovery age was when Chrononia was first settled and discovered. It was simply a small gathering of creeks and woods in America along the coast of the Illinois River, and it was fairly peaceful there. Unfortunately, whenever there is a quiet period of peace, war is soon to follow.

The Founding Age (2004-2006): The Founding age was when Chrononia was founded and declared its independence as a sovereign micronation. The independence of the micronation started with the birth of the Chrononian King Daniel Marcinak of Sylpha. However even after their independence, the citizens of Chrononia eventually came to revolt, wishing for independent micronations each, and after several attempts and finally succeeded. The victors then decided to split up the land into five provinces or kingdoms. Yet, even after their revolution, the topic of land distribution slowly began to spark the flames of war.

The Warring Era (2007-2015AD): Ever since the discovery of the Chrononian Creeks, the kingdoms have heavily disputed over land distribution in the small 32 km of land, including the land and wood between the creeks. Mortia especially wished for land and went so far as to invade other kingdoms in order to gain more territory. They had attacked Sylpha on multiple occasions in order to get the woods between the creeks for resource purposes. They were defeated each time, thanks to Vertech's alliance with Sylpha. This era was filled with other constant wars and battles for territory claim.

The Treatise Era/Porgom's Peace Era (2015-2019AD): This Era is the era Chrononia is currently in, the Treatise Era is the most peaceful era of the three listed. There have been no wars since 2014 but there have been some grudges. This era was filled with the pursuit of knowledge and prosperity. In 2016 Vertech King Daniel Locke wished to unify the five kingdoms before he went so he and his close friend Juste Hillman decided to propose the Hillman Accords. At first, the other kingdoms were skeptical and wishes to keep their sovereignty but in due time it was shown that only benefits could come from the unification. So on November 28, 2018, the Chrononian kings finally signed the Hillman Accords.

Government and Politics

The Government of Chrononia is based on a council known as the Chronon Judiciary. The council takes a vote on any matter or problem that comes up and votes on an agreement. Citizens can vote for council members in elections which occur every year. There are five political parties for each of the corresponding kingdoms. A person from Vertech can still be a member of the Delta political party, however. This applies to all citizens and kingdoms. Each Kingdom has one king. Positions of royalty are generally inherited to the firstborn, generally male. If there is no male heir, the eldest daughter may succeed the throne. After that, the crown goes to the eldest first cousin of that royal family. The Council keeps the Kings in check in order to make sure they don't abuse their power or become too powerful. Royalty is less of a figurehead that it is in most nations. The King (or Queen) controls the taxes, construction, and political issues. Kings may recommend a councilmember and their votes count as three. Each Kingdom also has a representative for the Council. This position is elected by the people according to their political party. The current council members are Alyla Brinson (Mortia), Edison Hale (Vertech), Fin Zerum (Sylpha), Leith Smith (Delta), Glenn Campbell (Hallon). Elections and re-elections will occur every year, the next being on February 26, 2019. The Council controls war declaration, royal power check, and land distribution. In order to overthrow one of the kings, A majority vote must be reached, meaning a 3/5 clause or higher. There are two main political parties: The Leglists (LE-g-list) which believes in more rights to the people than the government; and the Somenesta (som-NEE-sta) which has more communistic beliefs for how the government should be run. The political parties only affect the Council Members, the monarchy being in control of their own terriroty's beliefs.

Foreign Relations

Chrononia has remained isolated for a very long time. However, due to a recent movement to better its relations with other micronations, Chrononia decided to open itself up to other nations. The DOFRAT (The Department of Foreign Relations and Treatise) offers a link here (https://discord.gg/T7Hjhdt) to a discord to allow for foreign relations and other treaty movements from other micronations. The main foreign embassy is located in Sylphson, Sylpha. Chrononia's two most notable allies are the Aspen Empire and the Kalati Empire.


Chrononia has no known military.

Religion and Ethnicity

Chrononia has many different religions and European ethnic groups. Due to a census in late 2018 by the CCD (Chrononian Census Department) showed that 45% of the population is Orthodox Catholic. About 25% is Christian and the other 38% is Athiest or some other religious group. Most of the population is white/Caucasian, having 73% being Western Europian. Almost 7% is black and 12% Hispanic. The other 8% identifies as some other race or nationality. The total Chrononian population is that of 251.


Chrononian culture is very similar to that of any American, it has the same holidays and a few more.

The Grand Library of Ruenia

One of Chrononia's most important aspects is its knowledge preservation. Chrononia has a large variety of knowledge from all over the world. The crown jewel of the Chrononian nation is the Grand Library of Ruenia, which was founded in 2011 to help preserve the knowledge handed down by generations. The library itself is nearly a maze, not to mention the near block of archives underneath it. The Library contains everything from simple cookbooks to ancient philosophical text translations.


An example of a paper Chrom.

The Chrononian economy is based on a money-centered economy by using the native coinage known as 'Chroms' each one worth $1.50 USD or 1 Euro. Chroms come in forms similar to a US dollar as well as coinage. Some parts of Chrononia, especially Sylpha, still do use a barter-economy when trading. The two largest companies in Chrononia are the Septarian Trade Company which deals with a vast majority of trading across the isles, somewhat like Chrononia's Amazon; and Gelgamesh which is an innovative technology and science development company. The micronation is very self-sustainable by itself as it has been using internal trading by selling and buying a variety of goods from each other, mainly technological products.

Geography and Climate

Chrononia is a landmass made by a combination of creeks and the woods in between them. Chrononia has hot summers and chilly winters, giving it a broad farming season. You can find farms and gardens on almost every property, which allows for an easy food source.