United Counseled Republic of Elotia

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United Counseled Republic of Elotia
Flag of United Counseled Republic of Elotia
Coat of arms of United Counseled Republic of Elotia
Coat of arms
Anthem: Father's Shout
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentTechnocratic council; communist
• Head Counselor
Sean Davis

The United Counseled Republic of Elotia (UCRE) was founded in late 2008 by Head Counselor Sean A. Davis after minor political reconstuction of his previous micronation "Koekistan".


Elotia is a Council Communist state based on the political teachings of Marxist Theorist Antonie Pannekoek. The Elotian government is based on technocraticly selected councils who provide legislation based on their proffessions. Legislation provided by these smaller sub-councils is then sent to the Head Council for final approval. This form of government was established to combat the rampant political corruption seen in most other nations, and to form a classless society where one citizen is no better than another.


National Flag

The national flag of the UCRE features the Head Council vertical tricolor flag in the canton on a brown field with 2 orange stripes running the length of the flag at the bottom. The natural colors of the flag represent the Elotian respect for nature and Earth.

Head Council Flag

The flag of the Elotian Head Council is a vertical tricolor with 3 shades of green, each lighter than the stripe to its left. The Head Council Flag is featured within the canton of the national flag.

Naval Flag

The flag of the Elotian Navy is similar to the flag of the Head Council except for the blue wave along the bottom of the flag. The wave features 3 shades of blue corresponding to the shades of green above it.

Coat of Arms

The background of the Elotian coat of arms is similar to the vertical tricolor of the Head Council flag distorted within the circle. Inside of this circle is a sunflower pointing ahead to the future. A yellow sun lies at the top of the inner circle. Surrounding the circle are 2 bushles of wheat wrapped in a dark green banner. The center of the banner reads UCRE.

War with Ritzakstan

For almost a year, a cold war between Ritzakstan and Elotia was waged for desputed territory Ritzakstan had dubbed "Calderia". The war ended after physical confrontations between both nations. The first battle was fought over a span of about 4 hours and ended in an Elotian victory. Head Couselor and Commander of the Elotian military Sean A. Davis began peace talks with Ritzakstani Administrator Nicholas Talarico ending with an agreement of a fair division of the desputed territory, however the agreements made during the talks became void after a Ritzakstani victory at the second battle.