United Empire of Huntiana, Tagkaiser and Alte Lust

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United Reich of Huntiana, Tagkaiser and Alte Lust
Flag of the UEHTAL.
Motto: Ave ad imperatorem
Anthem: Heil dir im Siegerkranz
File:Hong Kong, US, Hungary
and largest city
Hong Kong City
Official languagesChinese, Hungarian, English
GovernmentImperial Government
• Emperor
Kelvin I
• Chancellor
Henry Goebbels
Establishment2020 or 2015
Time zone(GMT+8)

The United Reich of Huntiana, Tagkaiser and Alte Lust, commonly named as the United Reich or URHTAL, was formed in 7th Feb 2021, due to the combination of the Tagkaiser Empire, Huntiana Empire and Alte Lust Kingdom. United Reich consists of medium level of technology, finance and low level of agriculture.


20/10/2015: Kelvin Wong, and his friend Tong, declared the foundation of Peoples Republic of Itol, which was in Hong Kong.

2015~17: The Itol Republic gained 10 stable population.

Plus, Itol signed a alliance treaty with Taho and Shitta

4/7/2019: Itol Republic was automatically declined due to the graduation of all the population.

22/11/2020: Kelvin Wong, declared the formation of the Tagkaiser Empire, which is the main component of the United Reich later. Some foreign micronations congratulated. He was crowned and named Kelvin I.

1/12/2020 to 31/12/2020: During this period, Kelvin I joined a summit with Dante I, which was the king of a newly-formed kingdom—Huntiana. During this summit, both states agreed that Huntiana should be a part of Tagkaiser and both shared the highest executive power.

1/1/2021: Tagkaiser Empire signed a mutual recognition with Revalia Kingdom, and both sides agreed to assist and give support to each other. By the time, Sander Koff, who was the agent king of Revalia, joined in the Tagkaiser Empire.

12/1/2021: A cyber attack was broken out and quickly suppressed by the Armed Force.

21/1/2021: The 1st Imperial Council election was held, and the Revalian Party got all three seats. As the Revalian Party was supported by the Revalia government behind, Kelvin I was suspicious towards the result as Revalia may get control of the whole state.

30/1/2021 to 2/2/2021: Because of the uprising of rivalries between Tagkaiser and Revalia, in 30/1/2021, A war was broke out between those 2 states. In 2/2/2021, both sides stopped rival activities.

Because of the war, Tagkaiser couldnt maintain the large territories by itself, Kelvin I recognized the independence of Huntiana and the Kingdom of Alte Lust in 4/2/2021 and 7/2/2021 respectively. Both independent states joined an union with Tagkaiser, and led to the formation of the United Reich.

7/2/2021: Tagkaiser and Revalia signed a memorandum to restore close relationship before, which the memorandum is commonly named War Memorandum.

12/2/21: The 1st Chancellor election was held and Lupin was the first chancellor elected, and he was impeached by the Council in April.

12/07/2021: Sander Koff resigned from the office of Chancellor, and soon in 15/07/2021, Henry Gobb was elected to be the 3rd Chancellor since the constitution has been carrying out.

18/08/2021: Henry Gobb tends to overthrow the regime and build up a nazi state. The Armed Forces quickly arrested and sent Henry gobb out of the border. All his confederates were sent out of the border too. Sander Koff were made the kaiser of Alte Lust. A special Council is set up to rewrite a better constitution.

After the Tag-Revalian War, democratic system is established and protected by the United Reich Constitution forever.


According to the 1st Constitution, the Royal Government is set up to maintain law and order, and to protect people's rights and properties.

According to the constitution, Supreme kaiser is set up to:

  1. Represent the United Reich as the Head of State
  2. Appoint Chief Justice
  3. Declare Emergency situation
  4. Remove Chief Justice from his/her duties
  5. Use all powers written in §6
  6. Impeach the Chancellor from his duties (Only if the Chancellor is found doing something illegal or being inactive) and appoint the recent Secretary of Internal Affairs as the agent chancellor until the next Chancellor is elected
  1. situation

The government consists of:

  1. The Chancellor, which is the head of the Government
  2. The Vice Chancellor, which assists the Chancellor to run the Government
  3. The Minister of the Ministry of Finance, who is responsible of making decisions of finance aspects
  4. The Minister of the Environment Ministry, who is responsible of making decisions of environmental aspects
  5. The Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,  who is also the Director-General of the Police and Border Guard Service of the Tagkaiser Empire
  6. The Minister of the Ministry of Defence, who is responsible of making decisions of defensive aspects and cooperate with Chief of the Armed Forces

Government of the United Reich has power to:

  1. Print money
  2. Regulate international trade
  3. Make treaties and conduct foreign policy
  4. Declare war
  5. Provide an army, navy and airforce
  6. Establish post offices
  7. Make laws necessary and proper to carry out the these powers

Political Geography

*not finished*


According to statistics from the Ministry of Economic in mid 2021, food and necessaries mainly depends on foreign import, and the Tagkaiser Empire consumes 20000hkd monthly, mainly on food and education, and earns 80000hkd monthly by work.


Flag of Armed Force of United Reich

According to Section 12 of the Constitution, all citizens of the Reich have to serve in the Armed Force or the Reichswehr for at least 1 year. The Defence Minister is always the chairman of war cabinet. In general situation, both the Defense Minister and the Chief of Armed Force own the power.


Electric M4

The army consists of 4 active personnel, who are the Kelvin I, Dante I, Levente I and Sander Koff. Armaments include an electric gun M4 and unknown amount of muskets. The army is usually for riot and coup suppression, and often for peacekeeping.

There are no navy ships and aircraft for military and private use.

Military History

12/1/2021 cyber attack

30/1/2021 to 7/2/2021 Tag-Revalian War

18/08/2021 Fascist Revolution


Officially Recognized

1/1/2021: Revalia

16/8/2021: Republic of Nobobangla

Normal Diplomatic Relationship



Republic of Helm

Vintner Empire

*not finished*


Formation of Tagkaiser: https://www.reddit.com/r/micronations/comments/k2oe7h/formation_of_tagkaiser_empire_now/

Unification with Huntiana: https://www.reddit.com/r/micronations/comments/kfdxuo/announcement_from_the_tagkaiser_empire/

Cyber Attack: https://www.reddit.com/r/micronations/comments/kvqek2/a_riot/

Shitty War: https://www.reddit.com/r/micronations/comments/l9xse6/the_revalia_spams_me/

*not finished*