United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi

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United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Better be One
Largest cityIndri-Mulia
Official languagesEnglish,Indonesian
GovernmentFederal Republic (de facto)
• President
Jonathan Gaellray (original idea)
Aaron Penyami
• Co-President
Aaron Penyami (original idea)
Jonathan Gaellray
• Secretary
LegislatureParliament UISSL Council
Establishment7th March 2018
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United Indonesian States (14th March 2018)
United Oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia

The United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi was a micronation ran by Sapu Lidi that existed for a week. It was meant to be founded for 'fun' and also (according to Aaron Penyami) was a stronger way to govern sapu lidi territories.


The original name United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi came from the founding document, the UISSL Document. since it was a federation of four 'Indonesian states' of sapu lidi, it was named the United Indonesian States of Sapu lidi. when the idea was first showed to other people, Daniel Punuh mentioned that he wouldn't want to join the micronation when he grew up, since he is an Indonesian nationalist (even though he supported Russia more back then). because of this, the word 'sapu lidi' was removed and changed into the United Indonesian States


On 7th march 2018, Aaron Penyami's class 5D had a re-test for civics. while Aaron was busy filling the test, he started thinking of making a micronation. he started by making sketches of the new flag of Sapu Lidi. however, he realizes he did his re-test on the wrong paper, and so he did the test again while sketching flags on the 'wrong paper'. after finishing the test, he took another exam paper and made the founding document of the UISSL. with a new proposed flag, new coat of arms, and government. the UISSL never officially ended, but it was succeeded by the United Indonesian States on 14 March.

Politics & government

UISSL's government is a mystery. While it's de facto government type is a Federal Republic, it has some 'unexplainable' government type. UISSL's government consists of a President, Co-President, Secretary, Treasury, The Parliament UISSL Council, The Admins, and the high admin. the admins is the reason why UISSL's government could not be explained, not even the pejatenian government could confirm their rights and their job. and UISSL's government also does not have a judicial branch.

Administrative Divisions

UISSL consists of four states: Indri-Mulia, Gardenville, Pancasylvania, and Savagerz. Indri-Mulia was the capital, however, Pancasylvannia was the alternative seat of the government. however the government spends most of their time there


SL was the founding party of the UISSL, which makes them a national symbol, other national symbols include: the logo of strada, the logo of SL, the Flag of the UISSL, the Coat of Arms of the UISSL, the Garuda Pancasila, and the March Revolution.