United Kingdom’s of Wisteria and Baijan

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The United Kingdom’s of Wisteria and Baijan

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Offical flag

Location of Wisteria within Europe
Green spots mark Wisterian territory 

Anthem              ''Unknown''


Wisteria City

Official language Welsh, Hebrew
Other Languages English
Ethnic groups(estimate, terriotrial only)

99% Welsh
1% Jewish

Demonym Wisterian 
Government United Kingdom
- Monarch Queen Danni of Wisteria and King Richard of Baijan
- Heir Prince Jordan of Wisteria and Baijan
- Newydd Roggiett 12 September 2004
- Williamsia 12h September 2011
- Wisteria and Baijan 12 July 2012
- Wisteria 23 September 2012
- Total Yet to be calculated
- Water (%) Yet to be caluclated
- 2012 estimate  20
Currency Wis Franc

The offical languages do not include English although it is spoken between most of the citizens.

The United Kingdom’s of Wisteria and Baijan is a small landlocked micronation that is made up of several enclaves located in South Wales. Wisteria and Baijan is also a constituent country within New Canada.

Wisteria and Baijan were annexed together after Prince Jordan claimed Baijan. After the Williamsian War, the countries borders were changed to contain a reduced land claim of six enclaves within the former borders.


The name Williamsia comes from the name Williams, a common surname in America, Wales and other countries of the United Kingdom. Prince Jordan used his surname to create the former country of Williamsia. Wisteria was chosen to become the new name of Williamsia after Prince Jordan annexed Wisteria. The name Wisteria was chosen by Princess Katie of Wisteria because it was the name of the street on Desperate Housewives, the Princesses favourite television programme.



Williamsia first appeared in 2004, when Prince Jordan created his country, known then as Newydd Roggiett (English: New Rogiet). Jordan and his friends used to take turns being kings and queens. Several year's went by, most of the citizens of Newydd Roggiett had moved away and no longer kept in touch.

Early History

On September 12, 2011, Jordan discovered Micronations on the internet, inspired by ither micronations, he later created a micronation know as "Williamsia" the same day. The nation claimed all of Newydd Roggiett's former territory and new parts of Wales. Prince Jordan discovered the small island's under the Bridge between England and Wales, and called them the Williamsian Islands.

Early New Canadian Era

On the 12th January 2012: Williamsia merged with the two other nations, Rosettia and Dalton forming a Confederation known as New Canada, during the early months of the New Canadian era, the nation started to further improve it's professionalism. It started producing bank notes, flags, borders and a more structured government. Prince Jordan then started to get the nation more recognition and ultimately, foreign relations. The nation later began to get more recognition and started producing stamps, passports and passport stamps. Williamsia was showing the signs of a Fifth World nation.

Freedonia declared war on Wisteria-Williamsia, causing the New Canadian Civil War, Princess Katie announced that Marsa would be the new Kingdom to replace Freedonia.Prince Jordan and Princess Katie disagreed with who should claim Freedonia, Prince Jordan agreed that Katie could claim Freedonia if Jordan became King, Princess Katie ignored his wishes and declared war on Wisteria.

Early Wisterian Era

(See Wisterian Monarchs )

Prince Jordan was elected as President of the Union of Asermia, he later resigned and Asermia was then passed onto Princess Katie, and she declared a territorial war on Wisteria-Williamsia, known as The Second Wisterian-Williamsian and Asermian Dispute. Wisteria and Asermia signed a treaty that removed Princess Katie from in line to the Wisterian throne, and prevented the two nations from entering war against each other.

On 20 September 2012, Prince Jordan announced that Queen Lola had abdicated the Wisterian throne, and  King Jasper of Wisteria was ill and was seeking treatment, Princess Lauren ruled as the acting Queen until King Jasper was well enough to continue royal duties. Prince Jasper announced that Princess Danni and Prince Richard had become King and Queen again after Prince Jordan refused to accept the title until his GCSE's are over.

Early-Modern Wisterian Era

On the 23rd September 2012, Wisterian territory was expanded to include Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire. Wisteria-Williamsia was also renamed as Wisteria and Williamsia. The full name of Wisteria-Williamsia became the Principality of Wisteria and Williamsia. Wisteria left New Canada on 9 October 2012.

Rule and Government

Current Government

The nation is ruled and controlled by New Canadian Government which is ruled by the citizens, who change the country based on votes of issues delivered to the Royal Families of New Canada by vote collectors. Williamsia became a United Kingdom after the annexation changes of Wisteria. The Wisterian Governemnt are a branch of the New Canadian government who deal with Wisterian affairs. The Head of State of Wisteria is the ruling Monarch, currently Queen Lola and King Jasper. The Prince and Princess (1st in line) are the head of government, the currenct Prince and Princess are Prince Jordan and Princess Lauren.

War and Conflicts

The New Canadian Government has decided that the country shall be neutral in all armed conflicts. It is illegal for Wisteria-Williamsia to enter a war without being physically attacked first. Wisteria-Williamsia was involved in a war with Armed Federation, after the war, Wisteria-Williamsia signed a treaty preventing "War in all forms with Armed Federation unless if the nation was attacked or certain circumstances."


On the 19th July 2012, Freedonia declared war on Wisteria, over the border of the two countries. Wisteria claims Cwmbran as Wisterian however Freedonia claims it as Donian. Freedonia lost the war and it's territory was claimed by Wisteria and split up to form New Kosovo.


Although Wisteria-Williamsia is a reasonably small country compared to other countries. It is very spread out, having claims in the Williamsian Islands, Asermian territory as well as small bases in South Wales.

Wisteria-Williamsia also formerly claimed Andorra as part of Wisteria. It is a mainly rural country, as well as being over populated with tree's. Wisteria is bordered by Wales to the North and England the East.

The Williamsian Islands is a chain of very small islands that is only accesable by boat, however this is not used by Wisterian-Williamsian's and only appears on maps. Wisteria plans to secure the island's and start to plant tree's within the upcoming year's.


Wisteria has two official languages, English which is spoken fluently through the whole country and Welsh, which is spoken mainly fluently throughout the whole of Wisteria. The Williamsian Language was developed as the official language of Williamsia until it was replaced with English.


Date English Cymraeg Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Dydd Blwyddyn Newydd Start of the New Year
12 Januay Union Day Undeb dydd

Creation of New Canada

25 December Christmas Nadolig Birth of Jesus/Christmas
31 December New Year's Eve Nos Galan Start of the New Year

List of Foreign Relations

A list of Allies, Diplomatic Relations, and Informal Relations of Wisteria.


Diplomatic Relations

Relations to be Categorised