United Kingdoms of America

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The United Kingdoms of America
Coat of arms
Motto: Unity, Strength, and Monarchy!
Anthem: Country Roads Redux
and largest city
New Colombia
Official languagesEnglish (main)
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Cole the I
• Prime Minister
William Smith
EstablishmentMay 28th, 2020
• (as of 2021 census) census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneEST
This nation is a founder of the League of the Micronations

The United Kingdoms of America, colloquially known as Royal America, is a self-declared sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation to external observers. It is primarily located in Michigan. The United Kingdoms of America is composed of gardens and civilian residences, they are planning to expand in the next year. The Kingdom has one capital city named New Colombia, which holds all of the government duties. United Kingdoms declared independence from the United States in May 2020.

United Kingdoms of America is a semi-constitutional monarchy, with its monarch being the King of America. Currently, the reigning King is Cole I, who ascended to the throne on 28 May 2021. Officially, the legislature of the United Kingdom is unicameral, with a House of Commons led by William Smith, who was inaugurated as the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 30 May 2020. Despite this, the House of Lords holds considerable power over the nation and acts as an upper house, resulting in some people claim that the nation's legislature is actually bicameral.

Politics and Government


The King of America is the Cole the I. Cole Bosman ascended to the throne as its founder on 28 May 2020. Since then, he has reigned as an absolute monarch, bringing several changes to the nation.

The position of Monarch is heredity. In the case of the inability to carry out duties of the Crown, the heir, William the I, to claim the throne as a temporary monarch.

House of Lords

The House of Lord is the highest decision-making body in America. While it acts primarily as an advisory body to the Crown, it is also the primary legislative body of America. Similar to a Cabinet, several members of the House of Lords hold Secretary positions for several Government departments. Secretaries are equivalent to Ministers in other nations Governments. At present, eight members make up the House of Lords, including His Majesty, Cole the I. The Chief of Staff of the Lords, The Rt. Hon. William the I, is responsible for the appointment and dismissal of Secretaries from the members of the House.

Law and Order

The Royal Police Department is a developing area. The RPD was founded after the New Acts of 2020, which outlined the government department and the way they would run. They currently consist of one officer and no official uniforms. They also have sub-departments such as Royal Border Patrol and control all the criminal arrests for the state.

Armed Forces

The only two branches of the Royal Defense Council are; RFM and RN. They are currently filled with two Chiefs of Branches that control the branches. All though, they are usually for offensive purposes. They also are under the joint-control of the RPD which supplies them with Military Police and defenders.

Political Parties in the United Kingdoms

Party Name Emblem Leader(s) Position Seats in the House of Lords and Commons Local heads
Democratic Party (D) Donald Strump Left-wing
1 / 6
1 / 7
Montserrat (MON) Cole Bosman Monarchists
5 / 6
6 / 7
Communist (CUP) Jack Marx Marxist-Leninist
0 / 6
0 / 7


Labour Coupons and Coupons

Labour Coupons were adopted by the Ministry of Labour and are used to certify a work-day. They are exchangeable for cash and they may be exchanged at a later time for increased value. They currently act as our official dollar for the working class. They can also be traded for Food Coupons which allows you to work for food. They hold a trading system with the other types of coupons in the government. They are often seen as 'super useful and this allows for people requiring food and money to work and get either. They are also being traded for Rent Coupons and Water and Electricity Coupons, which gives people 1 week's worth of electricity and water. Trade Values are listed in Ministry of Labour Work Handbook, which outlines everything that would be needed to known by a worker.



The country currently funds the Albino Badgers, the baseball team. They originated from a joke from the monarch, Cole the I, he then extended it to the nation as our official team.