United Micronations Treaty Alliance

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United Micronations Treaty Alliance
South Pacific Micronations Collective Defense and Cooperation Treaty
Flag of South Pacific Micronations Collective Defense and Cooperation Treaty
Motto: Sociae enim Pacis
English: Allied for Peace
Headquarters1 Union Dr, Gollandiya Capitol Territory, Eastern Arstotzkan State, Arstotzkan Union (international territory)
Official languagesEnglish (de-facto)
TypeIntergovernmental collective organization and security alliance
Member States5 member states
Ethan Brinkman
Establishment18 March 2023
• Creation of the Developing Micronations Treaty Alliance
18 March 2023
• Formation of the United Micronations Treaty Alliance
26 May 2023
• Total
998.6418 km2 (385.5778 sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2023 estimate
• Total
$189 million (AUC)

The United Micronations Treaty Alliance (abbr. UMTA) is a treaty alliance between some older and more powerful micronations in the South Pacific. It is founded by the Arstotzkan Union and is similar to the ANZUS Treaty and United Nations, where it is a collective intergovernmental organization but also has a collective protection responsibility.

The DMTA is an independent organization from the Coalition of United Micronations and is becoming an increasingly more involved as well as peaceful group, unlike the C.U.M.

Since the absence of the Arstotzkan Union and other member states of the Allied Micronational Treaty Organization from the Coalition of United Micronations, AMTO has moved its infamous Joint Allied Defense and Peacekeeping Command (formerly the Joint Allied Commonwealth Protection Command) to protecting only UMTA states.

Any micronation that is founded in the South Pacific Region is able to join the UMTA and become a member state.

Unlike the Coalition of United Micronations, the UMTA enjoys trade using a newly adopted centralized currency. On 11 June 2023, the United Micronations Treaty Alliance adopted the Arstotzkan Credit as its official trading currency and provisional legal tender of all micronations in the alliance that don't already have an established legal tender. The Arstotzkan International Currency Services Bank Limited (AICSB), which is a child agency of the Arstotzkan State Central Bank authorizes all use of the currency in all states.


Since its founding and following the conclusion of the Inter Coalition War, the UMTA has grown to amass five member states.

Member states:


As on May 2023, the UMTA has three organs

Major Offices

The UMTA operates a series of offices and buildings across New Zealand. All offices of the UMTA are independent from the country they inhabit and are not subject to the laws of that country.


Unlike the Coalition, resolutions passed from the General Assembly are known as Protocols. The first major one, Protocol One established the UMTA with mutual recognition and collective defence. Future Protocols have been regarded as more formal than that passed by the Coalition.

  • Protocol 1 (Mutual Recognition and Collective Defensive Agreement Protocol)
  • Protocol 2 (Establishment of a united Peacekeeping Force Protocol)
  • Protocol 3 (Jurisdictional Grant for the Allied Court of Justice Protocol)

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