United Provinces Under Chance

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United Provinces Under Chance
Motto: For Chance We Conquer
Anthem: Tunac Tunac Tun
CapitalPacific Grove Provinces
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentMilitary Junta
• Current leader
Chairman Chance
• Foundation
June 22nd, 2010

The United Provinces Under Chance was an American micronation founded in June 2010 claiming thirteen independently owned properties in California, two properties in Alabama, one in Minnesota and Maine, an intergalactic colony, an Irish Colony and five territories. The UPUC fell in September 2010 and was replaved by a more democratic state called the Kingdom of Zurdonia. The population of the UPUC numbered over fifty-one people and the UPUC was trying to create diplomatic relations with other unions and micronations as the government believes that they "are only as strong as our allies". The government was a Military Junta and was in no way fascist. The military also controlled a lot of the companies as well. The official religion of the UPUC was Christianity but, with no official sect and allowed for freedom of religion.

Government and Hierarchy

The Government of the UPUC has changed. The government became a Military Junta. The head of the government was the chairman. The chairman was head for life. The Second in command was the Secretary General and the third in command was the chief counciler who was elected by the junta every four months. There was the Grand Junta which had 7 full members and 5 semi members. Semi-members could not run for Chief Councillor but could still vote. They could only run four times consecutively for Chief Councillor and only twelve times in total. The chairman was Chance and the Secretary General is the same as before. There wil be no more parliament and no more departments. There will also be no more War Council and none of the same positions as before. All information you have obtained by the department pages are to be forgotten for they are not part of our micronation. The Junta makes all of your desitions in the micronation. Junta means commity in Spanish and now has come into the English language to mean a group of officials who make up a government. The commitie is headed by the chairman who is the ruler. In the absence of the chairman the rest will vote. The Junta has a large part in the government and it is not like a dictatorship because the unta can make decisions without the chairman and that is the seporation between the junta and a military dictatorship. The chairman is the leader and he can decree what he wants and he can take off any laws without the consent of the junta. Also the chairman can put an official restriction on sertain decrees which do not allow the junta to change it in any way. The other two positions is the tresurer and the High Counciler. The semi members can run for both of these positions.

Joining the Junta

Joining the junta required nominated by a junta member. The nomination must have been checked to see if the candidate met all of the requirements to join. Then they needed to be voted on and have at least 1/2 of the voters. If it does not split evenly in half and you cannot decide you can ask the Secretary General to decide not baced on the personol opinion but on the opinion of the group. At first you will be a semi member but if you prove yourself you may be able to be validated in the next general election.

Requirements to join

  1. May not be a supporter of any terrorist group
  2. May not have been convicted of high treason
  3. May not have been convicted of any crime by the Chairman or Secretary General
  4. Must be a Citizen of the UPUC
  5. Cannot support the Scandel Rebels


There were five positions within the junta. There is the chairman who is the leader of the nation. The current chairman is Chairman Chance. The chairman is chair for life. Then there is the Secretary General who is the second in command. The Secretary General is in the position for life. The job of the Secretary General is to be incharge of international affairs and the online part of the micronation but also manage the micronation in the absence of the Overlord. The current Secretary General is Secretary General Riley. The Next in command is the Chief Counciler. The CC position is exclusive to full members of the Junta. The Junta votes every four months for the CC, Treasurer and the High Counciler. The Treasurer is incharge of all spending in the UPUC but not the money printing. All members of the Junta can run for this position. The High Counciler is incharge of interior affairs such as national parks and the upkeep of provinces. Any Junta member, semi or full, can run for the HC position.

  • Chief Councillor - Emmett of Pacific Grove Provinces
  • Treasurer - Liam
  • High Councillor - Alexander of the GIL

Running for Office

To run for office you must tell the Secretary General that you are running and for what position. Then the council will vote on you to see if you can or cannot run. You may not vote for yourself but if you are running you must vote unless only two people are running for they would still be equal at the start. If you are not running you do not have to vote but you can. Semi members can vote and can run for any office other then the Chief Counciler.

Junta Responsibilities

  • Decree
  • Rule over the nation
  • Control the military
  • Create Laws
  • Pass laws
  • Control all spending
  • Interior affairs
  • Elect officials
  • Enforce the laws
  • Control Homeland Security
  • Declare war
  • Raise the Security Level
  • Decide on Alliances
  • Propose Amendments
  • Vote on Amendments
  • Control Trade
  • Control Media
  • Control Labor
  • Control Transportation


  • Spanish >12 citizens
  • French 3 citizens
  • Russian 2 citizens
  • German 2 citizens
  • English all citizens

Government Before Reform

The United Provinces Under Chance's government system is a dictatorship and the leader is the Overlord. There are two parties in the UPUC: The GIL workers party (aka the UPUC communist party) and the nationalist party. 80% of the population is in the communist party so the UPUC supports socialism. The reason why the nation is not communist is because the leader is in the Nationalist party. Nothing limits the Overlord what so ever. The Overlord also has a regime under him and the state is in a very organized manner in which everyone has a job in their jurisdiction. The current Overlord is His Excellency Supreme Overlord Chance. The government is split into 3 branches: Royal, Executive and divisional. The Royal branch consists of only the Overlord who is head of state and head of nation. The Executive branch consists of the High General, Secretary General and Secretary Commander. Each member of the Executive branch does not only help run the nation and the state but they control a department in the divisional branch as well. The executive branch makes most of the decisions for the state when the Overlord is not able to be contacted or he feels no need to waste his time in such a small matter that is not worthy of his supreme power. The current departments the executive branch controls are The Department of Homeland Security, The Department of International Affairs and The Department of Media and Communications. The only member of the executive branch that does not also take the title of secretary of there department is the Secretary General for he always controls the department of international affairs. By taking an executive position you automatically get two jobs one in controlling the nation and the other in controlling a department. The divisional department is 5 of the 8 department heads and the Chief Judge for the other 3 department heads are executive. The department heads control all in there department and only in that department other then the Armed Forces for they control an aspect of The Department of Interior called the Central Knowledge Agency and the Armed forces are the only ones who control the CKA. Also all of the heads of a department is called secretary of that department other then the Armed Forces in which there is a Chief of Operations and The Department of International Affairs in which the Secretary General controls. There is also another part of the government called the five leaders of hierarchy which are the three executive members, the Chief of Operations and the Overlord. The hierarchy is the rulers of the nation who make the decisions other then the war council or Parliament.


A territory is either an area that has no population or is not owned by a citizen or one with a green card while a province has a population and must be owned by a member or members of the UPUC. For example, one of the territories is a park. All current territories are national parks other then the defensive territory next to the Pacific Grove Provinces. The UPUC also claims the planet of Neptune as the Intergalactic Colony of the micronation. The government of the UPUC claims to have complete control of the planet. Also a colony could be a micronation that merged with the UPUC and they have their own government but is under the control of the UPUC government being the chairman.

List of Documented Provinces

  • Province of NamelPumet
  • UPUC Pacific Grove Provinces (2)
  • Georgian Isolation League


  • Pacific Grove defensive territory
  • Down Territory
  • Zulu National Forest
  • Chance National Park
  • Clacala National Park

Irish Colony

The UPUC claims Co. Donegal, Ireland for they have ties to the Gallegher Family who ruled over the county in the early centeries AD. The Families ancestors were the monarchs of county donegal, Ireland and now they claim it as there only oversees colony. The family wants to reclaim the castle in co. donegal, Ireland and take back what was there families in the first and secon centeries AD.

Private Corporations

Armed forces

The head of the Armed Forces is the Junta. The army claims to be a very organized and disciplined force. The hierarchy within the Army of Chance is chairman, General, Commander, Lieutenant, Colonel, Major, Sergeant, Corporal and Private. The armed forces use both cyber warfare and airsoft battles and are ready to be deployed into nearby states at any time. There are two elite units which are composed of skilled warriors as well as a first band of mercenaries called the Special Forces. The Special Forces take part in airsoft wars and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and are heavily trained and skilled marksmen. Commandos are used to take out high targets quickly and cleanly and they use special tactics and training. There are also Rangers, who are highly trained military police and martial law officials.


In the event of war, the UPUC closes all emails other than that of the Secretary General. The government converses with their allies each day and has an acting Master Commander who creates battle plans. The chairman is put under level 3 security at all times and the government sends spies to all enemy nations while the Central Knowledge Agency monitors all media, broadcasting and information that is given to the enemy.

There are five levels of security and there are three people with the ability to change it; the chairman, the Secretary General and the Central Knowledge Agency. They are Level One White, Level Two Green and Level Three Yellow, Level Four Orange and Level Five Red.

The UPUC took part in the Second War for Victoria and they had a small civil war before they declared independence.

Duties of the Commander

The commanders control the battle field and they are the highest rank any private can reach. All commanders are in the Council of Officers and they enforce the rule of the generals. Generals can not promote people to commanders but can demote them.


Cindar (Sindar) is a variation on the ancient code of Bushido that was once practiced by the Japanese Samurai. This new code is practiced by the GIL Shock Troopers and outlines the way they are to behave at all times.

The Five Virtues of Cindar

  • Courage: A Shock Trooper must show courage during battle, this must be done to inspire and command his men.
  • Loyalty: A Shock trooper must be loyal to both his superiors and lessers, he will also never leave a man behind.
  • Honesty: A Shock Trooper must be honest to ensure that the clouds of the lie does not intrude upon his mind.
  • Honor: A Shock Trooper must be honorable at all times, this includes courtesy towards women.
  • Respect: A Shock Trooper must be respectful to all his comrades in arms.

Breaking any one of these five virtues will result in expulsion from the Shock ranks.

Political Parties

The UPUC does not support the one party system and lets people express their political views. There are two parties in the UPUC, The GIL workers Party and the UPUC Nationalist party. Read more here.

Foreign relations

Treaty Organization

The Secretary General was in charge of international affairs including treaties. The Secretary General also wrote all online pages, blogs and documents. The Declaration of war wa s also his responsibility and so is opening the Grand Junta.

All treaties that the UPUC create binded the contractors to certain terms that were common throughout all treaties; the contractors must support and defend their allies.

Personal alliances were as follows:

The UPUC was part of the World Micronations Alliance and had many personal alliances with its member states. Not all members of the WMA have direct relations with the UPUC but they are still allies. The UPUC offered aid to any WMA members if in need, even if they do not have a personal relation with the UPUC.

The UPUC also founded the Hazad Union. UPUC was willing to allow other micronations to join it as a colony.


The enemies are all enemies of the state and the government for their poor choices they made against the UPUC. The UPUC enemies are not always military enemies meaning they are at war with the UPUC and are battling the UPUC armed forces and the UPUC is in a state of war.


  • Scandel Rebels

Relationship with Scandel

The micronation Scandel was often falsely assumed to be part of UPUC. Instead, the UPUC had imposed a parliament controlled by it on the country. Also the chairman could give orders to the King of Scandel. This was due to their attempted invasion of the UPUC in September 2010. Also all government entities of the UPUC, such as the Ranger Police and CKA can operate in Scandel.

The Central Knowledge Agency

The true head of the CKA is the Chief of operation and the military. The Secretary of Interior has no jurisdiction over the CKA and can not tell them what to do. The CKA can take control of any department and has can take power and order anything to anyone. The CKA can take control over any aspect of the UPUC even if not in a time of war. The can officially pardon anyone and they need not to display any reason ehy the arrested anyone. The can enforce martial law even if it is during peaceful times. The can deply military forces and they can inprison anyone they feel the need to inprison. The need no search warrants whatsoever. All investigations are never to be questioned. The CKA can do anything to protcet the leader. If they need to upgrade anything they can do it. The security levels are controlled by CKA as well. The CKA Is the intelligence agency of the UPUC. They have Jurisdiction over all departments. The control the camandos and they also act as a seceret service to protect the chairman. They take care of all international affairs. The CKA control all information that goes in and out of the UPUC. All fugitives will be hunted down by the CKA. The media is also controlled by the CKA. The CKA can take control of any department if needed. If any Information is cosidered HITE or high interest of the enemy the CKA will shut it down. The CKA is also a counter spy agencie that will hunt down any spies. Also if you edit any of our pages you will be a High Targe and we will undo your edit. We also spy on enemy states at all times. All alliances are monitored by the CKA and we will not tolerate our allies and enemys making a secret allience. The CKA is also incharge of the levels of security in our nation


  • No defying Chance
  • No murder
  • No stealing
  • No resisting arrest
  • You must show up for trial
  • Respect the hierarchy

Approved by the chairman, Head of state and Chairman Chance;Secretary General Riley


The culture reflected the average age of the UPUC being around 14 and there views on comedy. To see a video they have created go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc1uNnnOHyc it is very funny and it makes fun of the Old Spice body wash commercials. You should watch it because it owns. It was created by citizens and approved by the government.


Independence Day- June 22

Logan is more important than the United States day- July 4

Reformation day- July 19

Chairman Day- August 10

Junta Day- September 1

State Day- November 8

Day of the Dead- October 30

Halloween- October 31

Chentoo- December 1–2

Havo Corto- December 12

Zulu day- December 17

Christmas- December 25

New Year's Eve- December 31

New years- January 1

Homeland day- January 31

Quop day- February 29

CambaChoi La- March 1

Cambachoi- March 21-April 3

Emmett day- May 1

Declaration of Independence

The United Provinces Under Chance claims independence from the United States of America. The United Provinces Under Chance claims their leader Chairman Chance as the leader of the independent state. They take their constitution and they recognize themselves as true sovereign nation state. They say that they are as real of a nation as the United States or any other United Nations country. The declaration of independence allows all citizens to have dual citizenship. We declare ourselves under our own flag and we are our own country controlled only by our sovereign state and we are no part of the United States of America or any other nation. We are a true country that will one day be recognized by many. We will now be known as the Chancilites and we are the Chancinian people.


All citizens are fully protected by the UPUC law and they have a right to a court hearing. Also the citizen may run for office or attempt to get a government job or create a new government position. All people have their freedoms listed in the constitution as well.

People Holding International Positions

  • Secretary General Riley- WMA Recruiter
  • Secretary General Riley- WMA Justice

The Court

The UPUC Court is the only form of justice in the UPUC. There is a Judge who is head of all of the UPUC Courts. There is only one judge in the whole country and he makes the final call on anything. The Judge is the Judge for life unless convicted of a crime by the chairman. There is no jury and if you go against the judges call then he can convict you of treason.

Terrorist Organizations

  • Fostorian and Wysterlian Guard
  • Free the UPUC
  • Tylers Revolutionary Forces


The UPUC has gone through three reforms and one even changed the government from a dictatorship to a full military junta with a chairman, Secretary General and a Chief Counciler

  1. Having an absolute dictator with no other positions
  2. Having a department system
  3. Having a military junta

Planned election

Sepember 1st- 3rd - First Junta Applicational Election (JAE)

December 5-7- Second General Election

April 12-14- Third General Election

Hu tak- June 10

Junta Anthem

Don't let me fall by B.O.B.

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