United Republic of Cheynland

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United Republic of Cheyneland
Motto: Sans per, Sans ser, Sans cheveuax
Anthem: Oh Cheyneland, Great Country
CapitalPresidential palace
Official languagesCheyneish
GovernmentRepublic (Dictatorship)
• Current leader
Alastair Cheyne
• Foundation
21 February 2010

The United Republic of Cheyneland is a micronation created by 13-year-old Alastair Cheyne, located in his back garden. It was created on 21 February 2010. It was created for fun as Alastair had always wanted to be a dictator. Alastair is El Presidente while his close friend James Strong is Vice President. Cheyneland thinks itself to be a sixth world nation.


Before Cheyneland's independence, it was small plot of land in England,UK. Originally the area was a small medieval farm in which a few animals would have been kept and some vegetables grown, however since the 1700's this land just became an bland garden with grass. On January 18, 2010, Cheyneland's first steps towards independence were taken when founding father Alastair Cheyne sent a letter to the British Prime minister demanding Independence, However when there was no reply Alastair Cheyne went ahead and declared This plot of land and Independent country called the united Republic of Cheyneland. Very quickly election were held in which Alastair was Voted in as the first president. Elections were held again in May when the nation had gained more citizens. Cheyneland has accomplished smaller things since then such as attempted space flight, etc. but nothing major.

Attempted Coup d'état

On 16 March 2010, a group of Cheyneland soldiers threatened to overthrow the President (Alastair Cheyne) and take power. The plan was discovered several minutes after the participants had just had a meeting in the school canteen. A member of the group told the President after he had 'come to his senses'. The other participants one by one steeped down. The leader of the Coup d'état continued to go through with his plan without the knowledge that all his companions had left him. As he refused to step down he was temporarily deported but was later allowed back into the country. Although he was forgiven and allowed back in he was put on a warning so that if he did anything wrong he would be deported for life.

The Cheyno-Flan war

The Cheyno-Flan war was a brief conflict between Cheyneland and Flanland. It began on 13 May 2010 when Andrew Flanighan began to mock Cheyneland resulting in Alastair Cheyne declaring war in retaliation. There was little military deployment however there were been several skirmishes around the English border. The war ended on 15 December 2010 after negotiations between the two leaders. In March 2010 due to the economic destruction and unpopularity of the government Flanland dissolved and was reclaimed by the UK. Cheyneland to date claims victory.


The current population of Cheyland is just 18 including the ambassador. There are 16 males and 2 females. The country has no full time population as it is only a garden although the current president does camp in it on occasions. The population is entirely white and ethiniclly British although citizens like to think them selves Cheyneish and non-British. The country is welcoming to any race or religion. The country's only religion however is 'Jedi'. Cheyneland is the only nation to have this as its official religion.


Cheyneland has gone through many phases with major religions. At first the country was mostly atheist, then TCOTFSM and now Jedi. The president himself is a jedi and makes sure the religion is respected so no descrimination can come to people using the force or wielding a light saber. Cheyneland also has a small Christian population which are all Anglican.


At the dawn of the nation Cheyneland spoke English. However on trying to further them selves from the UK, an attempt was made to create a new language wich took many months. After a while, the realistion soon came that it was hard enought to make it, never mind memorise it. So the country briefly reverted back to English. However as of November 2010, the country switched to German. This been the language ever since


The name Cheyneland derives from the presidents last name being Cheyne. Cheyne is origianaly a Scottish name coming from Aberdeenshire, and before that was Norman-French. The land bit of course came from it being landlocked. In the native language (Cheynish) it is written 'Quesnaytere' originated from the french meaning Quesnay land. However the name is English.


Cheyneland is currently a communist nation though has gone through several political phases. Two days before the nation was founded an election was held by the five to be citizens. Alastair Cheyne was opposing his dad Donald Cheyne, who was away at sea at the time. The candidates were not allowed to vote which meant a 2/1 victory over Alastair, however the election was rigged and Alastair won. He took control as a member of the Dictorial party. At the next election in late April 2010 Alastair won yet again but this time as the National Commonwealth Party. A political reform in mid August turned the NCP into the Communist party of Cheyneland (CPC) which is the party in power to date

Armed Forces

Cheyneland has an Army, an Air force, and a Navy which all consist of one boy. The Air force is made up of 3 paper planes, the Army the soldier with a helmet and a foam bullet gun and the Navy a rubber dingy. All of these are highly important in the defence of Cheyneland although the nation is at least 150 metes from the nearest body of water and 3 1/2 kilometres to the sea. However cheyneland has done some Naval exercises is the nearby river. Cheyneland's army has never seen a foreign battle even though the Nation is at war with Flanland.


The Cheyneland Air and Space Rocket Agency (CASRA) is a government funded organization devoted to rocket and shutle technology. CASRA's missions have only so far consisted of sending a rocket balloon to the ceiling of an English hall. CASRA is planning a mission to see how high they can send up a rocket balloon, which will be to see how high they can get a rocket balloon above Cheyneland. The head of CASRA is the Alastair Cheyne the current President.


Cheyneland has used three different currency's after its creation. Upon its independence Cheyneland used the GBP as it did not need it's own money. Later Cheyneland adopted the Euro just because it was different to pound sterling, as an act of further independence. Finally on the evening of the 29th of March 2010 the SBC (State Bank of Cheyneland) opened. The bank held all of Cheyneland's new currency, the Don. A don is currently a selection of notes from a very old limited edition monopoly set. However, below are future plans for Cheyneland's currency which will be printed at some point . The Don is named after the Presidents farther


Map of Cheyneland.jpg

Cheynland is located in the UK and is entirely surrounded by the county of Northumberland. It is roughly 51 kilometers (32 miles) from the nearest city, Newcastle. Cheyneland itself is about 500 square meters in area.

Future Plans

Cheyneland has a wide range of future plans. The current main one is create a man made mound and claim it as Cheyneland's highest peak. Other projects include: Building a bigger and more grand Presidential palace, expanding the borders into the neighbouring gardens, creating a national park, getting a flagpole and producing a full-time population.

List of Allies

  • Empire Novaltia