United Socialist States of Antarctica

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USSA coat of arms

We took this land form the old united states of Antarctica which doesn’t exist anymore because we destroyed the last remnants of it and founded our wonderful nation.

We are also known as the USSA

Our ideology


The simple idea is people should work to improve their lives their country men's lives and for the progress of their nation and in return the government provides their needs and their are codes in place so the government and the people can't cheat the system and must provide good quality products for their nation and the people of that nation instead of one president we have four equal consoles. The abolishing of the upper class is needed in order to have an equal state. You may pick your career and there is a socialist education system and a justice and law enforcement system that shall uphold the law but is not above it.

map of the USSA

we use Surge Socialism as our form of government

Click this link and become a citizen https://forms.gle/qFeSZQyBPR7RaWwK9

We have a democratic form of government but instead of one president we have four equal consoles

Currency: we are a class less and money less society where in return for the population working to improve their lives and the lives of their countrymen and in return the state provides their needs.

Our national anthem is the internationale by vadok:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sh4kz_zhyo

Capital: Leningrad formerly known as south pole city

Exports fish, uranium, iron, copper, molybdenum, oil, natural gas, coal

Imports: live stock, greenhouse glass, vegetables, fruits

Oh and we are at war with the USA and ohio