United States of Qucker

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United States of Qucker
Participant in Ocean States Civil War, 2nd Ocean States-Qucker War
Flag of Qucker
ActiveNovember 1st - December 20th, 2019
IdeologyRepublican Separatism
LeadersDillon S.
Area of operationsOcean States
BecameNew Werti
Opponent(s)United Ocean States, Union of Mountain States
Battles and war(s)Ambush at the Trench, Ocean States Civil War, Fixed States of Qucker War

The United States of Qucker (then known as Rhode Island Republic), was a breakaway state seeking to gain independence from United Ocean States.

Ocean States Civil War

The United States of Qucker declared independence November 1st, 2019, and immediately declared war on United Ocean States. It saw initial success, ambushing the leader of Ocean States at an improvised trench. However with the intervention of Union of Mountain States the nation was swiftly defeated and eventually surrendered. During its short existence it managed to muster 6 soldiers to fight for the cause, led by Dillon S.

2nd Ocean States-Qucker War

On December 9th, 2019, Qucker declared independence and subsequently began a war against Ocean States. This time Qucker saw more success and held out longer, due to Ocean States having a lack of outside support. United Ocean States managed to break Qucker resolve and forced them into signing the Treaty of Qucker on December 20th. After this Dillon S. was put on probation by the government of United Ocean States.