United Union of Kaz

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The United Union of Kaz
UUK flag.jpg
The flag the united union of Kaz
Motto: Hail the Motherland
Official languagesKazzian
GovernmentCommunist state
Establishment16 January 2017
CurrencyRuble Point

National symbols

The national anthem of the united union of Kaz is "follow our proud father".


For a brief period during the Kazzian civil war the communist country of the UUK(united union of Kaz) battled the Kingdom of kaz and the Pentumvirate of Kaz. Thought its man power was huge it was out smarted by the enemy and soon fell to pieces.


The official language of the UUK is Kazzian, a dialect of English.

Nations with alliances or friends of the united union of Kaz

The Republic of Kaz