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The Zealandian Government is the administrative body of the Commonwealth of Zealandia.

The Zealandian Government's functions are set out in the Constitution of Zealandia. The Zealandian Government is based upon the ideal of a feminist Marxist-Leninist state. The Zealandian Government is run within and according to the frame work provided within the constitution and any legislation that affects it. The Zealandian Government is made up of the following parts:

  • The Prime Minister
  • The Ministers
  • The Ministries and Agencies

It is important to note that the People's Assembly of Zealandia and the Council of State of Zealandia and the judicial system are separate from the Zealandian Government but have members who are also members of the other bodies and systems.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the head of government and it is their duty to lead the government.

Current Ministers

  • Prime Minister, Advocate General, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change:Dylan Grönsson
  • Minister for Internal Affairs and Science:Claire Nymoria
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Minister for State Security, Anti fascism, and Emergency Services, and Minister for Women:Charlotte Lindström



A non exhaustive list of Zealandian Government Agencies and Authorities