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Coat of arms
Motto: "Stand for something, or fall for anything"
Anthem: Rebel Soldier
CapitalValnor Colony
Largest cityValnor Administration district, Valnor Colony
Official languagesEnglish
LegislatureMilitarist Council
EstablishmentJuly 4, 2006
CurrencyU.S dollar
Time zonecentral standard
Member of the Runic Union

Valnor is a micronation founded on July 4, 2006 as a Confederacy under a militaristic rule. In 2008 the nation transitioned into the People's Republic on the calls for democracy. In 2010 the government was taken back to a militarist state in witch it remains today, with a entire new system of government being installed.


The name of Valnor comes from the founding family and their wishes to honor their Germanic and Nordic ancestors.


The Valnorgrad Confederacy

The original Confederacy was founded on July 4, 2006 incorporating land already held by the founding family. The land was spread out across 2 states and nearly 1300 miles apart. The distance was logistical nightmare for sure. The distance and the sheer size of the nation states made it an impossibility for regular "police" types to patrol and protect efficiently, that is why shortly after the founding of the Confederacy it was agreed to govern as a militarist state. This system of government worked well for the nation and under this rule solidified itself as more than just a bunch small nations with an alliance, but as 1 nation unified for the greater good

The Peoples Republic of Valnorgrad

The peoples Republic began in 2008 when a large majority of citizens wanted democracy. The founding family bowing under pressure, witch was the ruling body as they were the highest ranking military officers, formally declared the confederacy dissolved and reformed into The Peoples Republic of Valnorgrad (2008). The Direct Communist Democracy set us was initially a great success, writing a basis of a bill of rights that could not be infringed upon. The republic under democratic rule decided to re-consolidate the republics holdings into Oklahoma. Thus the sell off of all Republic lands began and the relocation and establishment of a new homeland began in Coalgate (later Connerville). The relocation was complete when the capital was moved to natural resource rich Connerville as the homeland, and colonies in Coalgate, and Bennington also still having one colony left in DeerCreek Texas, was complete in late 2008. Following a decline in activity and the elected being disconnected from the general citizenry led to discontent with the government and threat of rebellion.


After a 2 year span in turmoil the Republic was on the brink of destruction. The same citizens that thought democracy was best, now began to question their judgment. Citizens began to wonder if the militarist rule of old was best. In this time the nations holdings had shrunk to a all time low of 490 acres after the sell off of the 320 acre Bennington colony. The outrage of this act was put into action on July 4, 2010 making a symbolic gesture on Founders Day, the top military leaders began a take over of the government. After a brief civil conflict the commanders of the military established their control of the nation and the office of the SkyMarshal established as supreme commander of the armed forces, and with that supreme leader of the nation. The first person to assume this position was J. Hargis.

End of Communism, Valnor rises

On July 23, 2011 The SkyMarshal and Military Council agrees upon dropping Communism from government policies. This is to promote a balanced acquisition of personal belongings, also meaning to allow a more harmonious purpose within the government and give strength to the stratocracy an official has stated. The hammer and sickle will remain symbols for use within the nation due to the fact of the history involved with the symbols and the nation. Along with the end of Communistic polices, the nation has been renamed for the first time to Valnor.

Government & politics

The first establishment of a centralist government over the confederacy was a militarist council. They prioritized need of the nation and people. Although not the most heart felt government it was effective one. After the transition the government formed into a direct communist democracy. This government was at first a success but, much like our neighbors the United States government, it became miss-managed and soon fell into disarray. Once the military took over upon the citizens request, bestowed the title of SkyMarshal to Hargis. Under this new militarist rule the country began to reorganize into a effective ruling body with the militarist council ruling on policies and the SkyMarshal at its head.

Let one thing be clear, this is a Militarist government but one that protects citizens rights by law. This nation does not condone the suppression of human rights. Valnor politics closely follows Stratocratic policies.

Laws of the Land

The Laws of Valnor from the time of the Confederacy until the time of the Stratocracy was not defined in documented form. Although basic civil rights had been came up with the law was flexible, fitting the needs of the people and the times. But also could be manipulated to suit the cause of the corrupt. When the new government took over it was decided the law would begin to be defined.

The new regime wishes to show a "human" side to a militarist government, not wanting to be categorized as a ruthless North Korea type. This Nation instead moves to protect citizens rights instead of restricting them.

Foreign relations

Until the new government was installed the country followed a strict isolationist policy, focusing on national identity. But under a new foreign policy, the nations goal is to reach out to fellow micronationalist and seek diplomatic relations with those who are willing.

(note these are all types of relations:Informal,Formal,Recognized,Allies)


The military of Valnor sets its roots back to the founding of the nation. The military has always walked hand in hand with the government from the Confederacy now to the Stratocracy. This force is equipped and trained to be the best in the micronational world, no other army can field a force to match it.

Geography and climate

This is a mild climate, although in Oklahoma there is terrible ice storms now and again during winter months.Coalgate,OK colonies tend to receive more rainfall than the others. As for the terrain in our land in Oklahoma, it differs from region to region. In the Coalgate colonies, there are heavily wooded areas,and grasslands. In the homeland the terrain still has heavily wooded areas and grasslands, but in some areas large boulders and rocks. In the last remaining Texas colony the terrain is predominantly flat plains like grasslands, the climate in our last remaining Texas colony tends to be alot hotter and drier.

Going Green

This nation recognizes the direct and negative effect the human race has upon our world. Thus the government has initiated efforts to make this nation more "green". This nation has enacted projects that have been carried out in real life, witch includes micro-national firsts. This includes the public water project (complete), water well established and powered solely with solar power. Also major tree planting has and will continue throughout the entire nation and colonies. Along with all these efforts the government has established "Environmental Zones" of protection to ensure that the environment is protected from industry and private citizens alike.


Note: all territory of Valnor is measured in acres. The territory of Valnorgrad has fluctuated over the times. Like in the summary land held at one time was 1,000 acres in Texas(Deer Creek,Henrietta) and 4,000 acres in Wyoming(Lance Creek). After much debate it was decided that fewer acres with more natural resources was preferable than huge expanses of land with fewer resources. So the nation began to reorganize and relocate to Oklahoma. The nation began this relocation with purchasing 1400 acres in Coalgate. After 3 years the land was sold and once again relocated to Connerville Homeland witch held 320 acres. Along with purchasing the Bennington colony witch held a additional 320 acres (later sold) . After the annex of the Colonial Government into Valnorgrad, we assumed rule over all lands held witch includes the main colony of Colonia 35 acres,colony of Tronoshia 40 acres, colony of Azotha 40 acres, and colony of Valencia 15 acres all located in Coalgate.

  • Homeland- 320 acres
  • Tehas-10 acres
  • Colona- 35 acres
    • Tronoshia- 40 acres
    • Valnor (formerly Valencia)- 15 acres
    • Azotha-40 acres

Note: After the Victory of the colonial conflict and the merge of Colonial lands into Valnor territory, the SkyMarshal has re-named the colony of Valencia to Valnor as a new administrative district in which the country will be ran. This is an effort to integrate the colonials fully into the Valnor society. (profile pages to follow)


The economics of Valnor has always been one of rural nature. The livestock industry has been a cornerstone in the economic make up, As a dual component of the livestock we have a full line of bucking bulls (Rodeo Bulls) with bloodlines reaching back to the foundation of that industry. Along with livestock the nation made huge sums on money buying and selling land, and in the housing development field. Along with realestate, under the new SkyMarshal our nation has experienced a boom in the form of labor contracts with United States. This is including working for the department of defense,powerline industry, and additionally over the times the oil and gas industry has brought income to our nation. Under our new leadership, the SkyMarshal is bringing more money into the nation than ever before. Our economic machine is turning at full steam and economic growth is increasing at a steady pace. Let this good fortune spur our nation on to bigger and greater things


Our culture is one not easily explained, it is a "western" culture, that is to say a cowboy or rural way of life. Our values and beliefs reflect this nature. Common sense and what is right instead of what is politically correct is what we try to live our lives by. We are situated in the southern states in the U.S., and we are influenced by this and see things much different than the northerners, ever heard of southern hospitality?. We are a culture that extends a hand of friendship to those who want it, and bring the hammer down on those who go against us.

State Heroes

Under the Hargis administration it was decided to establish and recognize state heroes that have influenced and inspired the nation. This status is not given lightly.

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