Varcetia City

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Varcetia City is the capital of Republic of Varcetia. It is also the largest city in the micronation. The Republic of Varcetia was founded in the city on 6 July 2009. 80% of the total GDP comes from Varcetia City.


Inside the capital there are a few places of interest:

President's Office

The office in which the President of Varcetia organises foreign relations and meetings. Tourists aren't allowed inside, but they may take photos from the doorway.

Varcetia Museum

Inside the Public Building there is a small museum dedicated to the history of Varcetia. As it only goes back to 6 July 2009, It is constantly under construction to include more items. It includes dates of formation, dates of alliances, items made in Varcetia, the President's uniform, etc.


Here is the current list of cities that have been twinned with Varcetia City:

Saint Rychard, Slinky Empyre