Varina, Our Mother Home

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Varina, Our Mother Home was the first national anthem of the Kingdom of Varina. The first stanza was written on October 6, 2012, and the second on April 1, 2013, by King David I. Varina, Our Mother Home used the melody of Ja, vi elsker dette landet, the national anthem of the Kingdom of Norway. It was replaced by Our Hymn to Heaven on June 25, 2013.


Varina, our mother home

Our land of gracious light

Through the times, both good and bad

For you e'er shall we fight

Tidings of your might and power

Shall be brought to all

Forever your glory shall stand

To serve Heaven's call

All the world of nations in awe

For Varina they saw

Shining thus in glory fair

Varina shall ride on

E'er clothed in divinity

And all corruption gone

Boldly marching under blue skies

Clouds and sun above

No day in our land shall be dark

When we have the love

Of the Divine power over

Varina to protect her

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