Vehicle registration plates of Indokistan

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Vehicle registration is a form of ownership verification obliged by Indokistani government to any vehicles used inside Indokistan. The state government locally determined the design and the code for its registration codes.

DVLA Code format

The coding that used by Indokistan has been updated from the previous 12ABCD/12ABCDE to look like Great Britain's. Often the numberplates are confused with the one that British have. To eliminate confusion, CDVLA (Cussex DVLA) obligates every numberplate to have CS-suffix with roundel before the code.

This table shows each code for registered years:

Year Code begins with..
Pre-2014 2x/3x
2014 64/14
2015 65/15
2016 66/16

This table shows each codes for states:

State Prefix City Code
Aziziyah A Al Majidiyah AR, AS, AT
Al Munadzarah AL, AM, AN
Arabistan AD, AE, AF
Buraiqiyah AA, AB, AC
Central Indokistan C, G (Camp Hastons) Ante CA, CB
Camp Hastons GR, GU, GV, GZ
Flastraad CD, CE
Gorerski CF
Jumstraad CJ
Koskenniemi CL
Lethrushkhas CG
Swazlek CK
Trastraad CT
White Lotus CR
Cussex G, R, V Brighton GJ, GA, GP
Luton VC, VM, VN
Newstiltson GQ, GK, GH
Sutton GN, GV, GR, GL, GM
Castille - Harbor Basin VH, VD, VR, VL
Stillenham VA, VB, VK, VV, VZ
Westorney Area RW, RR, RS, RT, RC
Hull GT
Scarborough GX
Grantham GY
Northumbria GN, GV, GR
Humberside GG
Suwarnakarta S

Pre-DVLA Code format

The numbering format before CDVLA obligation was 12ABCD or 12ABCDE, with four or five letters. The first number indicated the type of vehicles regiatrated, and the first two letters is indicated the city where the vehicle registrated.

This table shows each code for registered vehicles:

Vehicle Code begins with..
Bicycle 1x
Motorcycle 2x
Car, minibus, bus 3x
Large vehicle, truck, tractor 4x

This table shows each codes for states:

State Code begins with..
Aziziyah ZAxx
Cussex Gxxx, Lxxx,
Mxxx, Wxxx
Central Indokistan CIxx
Suwarnakarta SAxx


The size is 150x80 milimetres for four-wheel vehicles or larger, with smaller and customisable size applied for smaller vehicles.

Examples of regular usage of the plate numbers are showed below in the table:

State - City (Districts) Format
Brightonshire - Brighton (Wellies) 12LAVR
Military (Newstiltson-registrated Military Foxhound, dispatched at Camp Hastons) GB 42 ACI
Suwarnakarta - Camp Hastons 56SXDF