Velocity Empire

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Velocity Empire
2020 - 2022
Flag of Velocity Empire
Other languagesEnglish, Velocitian
GovernmentAbsolute Emperorship

The Velocity Empire is a group of loosely connected micronations, mock government discord servers, community hangout servers, and other servers that joined under one government to share resources and troops. Each group still gets to keep its own main government without much interference from the Empire Officials, but if needed, the Empire can step in to fix things, tackle larger problems that the group can't solve on its own, and redirect more resources/troops to that group if needed. At current count, the Velocity Empire has 36 annexed divisions, and 33 members of the Velocitian Military Alliance.


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Early History

The Velocity Empire was established in 2020 as a virtual community, known for its presence on Discord. Led by UltraRaptor, it aimed to bring together like-minded individuals and foster a sense of camaraderie and cooperation within its ranks. On August 15, 2021, the Velocity Empire faced its first large-scale conflict, known as the Velocitian Civil War. The war erupted when internal divisions within the Empire led to infighting and chaos among its member groups. This event marked a significant turning point in the history of the Empire, testing its unity and resilience.

Simpo-Mondanian War

In April 2022, the Empire found itself engaged in another major conflict known as the Simpo-Mondanian War. This war, which lasted several weeks, emerged from deteriorating relations between two prominent hangout servers within the Empire: Simp Nation and Monday's Gang. The war highlighted the complexities and challenges the Empire faced in managing internal disputes and maintaining peace among its factions.

Throughout its history, the Velocity Empire gained a reputation for its tendency to invade discord servers that did not willingly join its ranks. The Empire employed various tactics, including convincing server owners to delete their servers or transfer ownership. These invasion attempts often met with success, allowing the Empire to expand its influence and consolidate power within the Discord community.

Two-Month Crisis

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The Velocito-Leprechian War unfolded as a result of a misunderstanding regarding the state of the Leprechia server. UltraRaptor, believing Leprechia had experienced a civil war, sought to reunite the server. This led to conflicts with Lewis, the leader of a Leprechia faction, and eventually escalated into a full-scale war. The war concluded with the victory of UltraRaptor's faction and the division of Leprechia's territory among the victorious factions. Following the war, tensions emerged between the Velocity Empire and Barbados, Leprechia's former ally. Disagreements over alliances and the handling of server ownership fueled animosity. This brewing conflict eventually led to the Velocito-Barbadian War, as Poyo, an ally of the Empire, formed the Anti-Jo League to challenge Jo's leadership in Barbados. These events, known as the two-month crisis, marked a new chapter in the Empire's history, characterized by shifting alliances and emerging rivalries.

Final Era