Vice President of Azore

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The Vice President of the Azorean Republic (sometimes known as the Vice President of Azore) is the second highest officer in the executive branch of the Azorean Government.

Vice President of the Azorean Republic
Office Abolished
Office of the Vice President
StyleMr (Madam) Vice President
Member ofFederal Government of Azore
Reports toPresident of Azore
AppointerPresident of Azore
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation16 February 2022
Abolished31 July 2022


The role of the Vice President is as follows,

  • Sitting as vice-chair of the Senate
  • Proposing Laws
  • Representing the Republic
  • Attending Official Events


The Vice President is appointed by the President of Azore after the President has been elected. They can choose someone from their own Party or someone else elected to the Chamber of Deputies or Senate.

List of Vice Presidents

No Vice Presidents Appointed.

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