Vice President of Seprana

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Vice President of the Sepranan Democratic Republic
Leas-Uachtarán na Seprana (Irish)
Flag of the Vice President

since 21 April 2022
StyleMr Vice President (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusDeputy head of state
NominatorSelf or by party candidate
AppointerDirect election (running along side President on joint ticket)
Term length3 Years
Inaugural holderTizian Aruna

The Vice President of Seprana, officially the Vice President of the Sepranan Democratic Republic, is the deputy head of state of Seprana. The position was created on 4 February 2022 after the Democratic Revolution, which saw the ceremonial Presidency made an executive post. The position stayed vacant till Tizian Aruna, Chief of the General Staff of the Defence Forces was appointed by President Thomas Jacobs to the position.