Vice President of Snagov

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Vice President of the Republic of Snagov
Vice Presidential flag
David Robert Mihnevici

since 18 June 2020
ResidenceCernograd Sovereign Raion
SeatCernograd Sovereign Raion, Siliștea
AppointerPresident of Snagov
Term lengthFour years
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Republic of Snagov
Formation18 June 2020 (3 years ago) (2020-06-18)
First holderDavid Robert Mihnevici

The Vice President of Snagov (Snagovian: Вйчє Прєшєдйнтєлй Фєдєрацйєй Снагѡвєнє) is the deputy head of state of the Republic of Snagov. It is the second highest position in Snagov.

List of Vice Presidents

Portrait Name
Term of office Political party President
1 David Robert Mihnevici
(b. 2004)
18 June 2020 Incumbent 3 years, 168 days Snagovian Workers' Party Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
David Robert Mihnevici was appointed as Vice President by President Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu after the signing of the Snagovian Declaration of National Rebirth, on 18 June 2020.