Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force

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The Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force,VGSDF, also referred to as the Vilasian Army, is the land warfare branch of the Vilasian Self-Defense Forces. Created on March 11, 2023, it is the largest of the two service branches.

Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force
Flag of Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force
Emblem of Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force
MottoProtecting the Land for the People!
FoundedMarch 11, 2023
HeadquartersVGSDF Headquarters, New Manchester City, Vilasia
EmperorVince Santillan Jugado
Minister Of DefenseVirgel Jugado
Military age10
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel8
Reserve personnel5
Percent of GDP0.42%(2023)
Domestic suppliersVilasian Government
Foreign suppliersPhilippines
Annual imports₱7,850
Annual exports₱350



The Army Itself Doesn't Use Any Real Guns To Follow Philippine Laws But The Army Does Use Pellet And Airsoft Guns.

Name Origin Type Purpose Notes
M16 Airsoft Rifle USA Airsoft Assault Rifle For Long Combat Operations 30 M16 Rifles Bought for VSDF
AK12 Airsoft Rifle Russian Federation Airsoft Assault Rifle For Long Combat Operations 10 AK-12 Bought For VSDF
Rock Island Pellet Pistol Philippines Pellet Pistol For Long And Short Combat Operations 40 Rock Island Pellet Pistol Bought For VSDF
Survival Equipment Various Personnel Equipment For use by soldiers during deployment


Name Origin Type Purpose Notes
Light Armoured Personnel Carrier Japan Ground vehicle Transportation unarmed LAPC bought for the army, but the Parliament have plans to add a 20mm gun
Toyota Fortuner Japan Ground vehicle Official Transport Car For The Emperor 1 Of Them Bought For ₱1.6 Million
Two Well Armoured Motorcycles Japan Motorcycle For Escorting Toyota Fortuner Two Of Them Bought For ₱700,000