Vilasian Self-Defense Forces

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The Vilasia or Vilasian Self-Defense Forces(VSDF), officially simply the Self-Defense Forces and also known as the Vilasian Armed Forces, are the unified military forces of Vilasia. Established in 2023 as the successor to the Imperial Vilasian Armed Forces, the Self-Defense Forces include the Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force and the Vilasian Aerial Self-Defense Force. They are controlled by the Ministry of Defense with the Emperor as commander-in-chief.

Vilasian Self-Defense Forces
Flag of Vilasian Self-Defense Force (VSDF)
Emblem of Vilasian Self-Defense Force
MottoFor God, Country, and People
FoundedMarch 11, 2023
Service branchesVilasian Ground Self-Defense ForceVilasian Aerial Self-Defense Force
HeadquartersMinistry of Defense, Vierdina City, Vilasia
EmperorVince Santillan Jugado
Minister Of DefenseVirgel Jugado
Military age10-63
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel23
Reserve personnel8
Percent of GDP0.73%(2023)
Domestic suppliersVilasian Government
Foreign suppliersPhilippines
United States
United Kingdom
Future Suppliers
Annual imports₱15,700
Annual exports₱1,350


After the Constitution was made, finalize and sign by the Emperor, The Vilasian Self-Defense Forces was born along with it's branches the Vilasian Army and Vilasian Airforce. It was the successor of Imperial Vilasian Army and Imperial Vilasian Airforce, VSDF was based on the Japanese Military called Japanese Self Defense Forces. As it's name Suggests the Vilasian Self-Defense Forces was solely responsible on defending the nation not to attack any other Micronations or not to Cause any harm in the Philippines,in Article 9 Section 67 VSDF of the Vilasian Constitution,"Vilasia should not intervene on other micro conflicts except for those Micronation's who have Mutual Defense and Cooperation Treaty with Vilasia".