Violetist Church of Bradonia

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Violetsist Church of Bradonia
Veilchenreich Kirche Bradonien

Founder Lord Bernhardt
Founded 7 December 2022
Veilchenkoing Rukuranth
Headquarters Bravrina, Bradonia
Territory Kingdom of Bradonia
Language English, German
Adherents 1

The Violetsist Church of Bradonia, independent of other violet churches, is a state church in the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Violetsist Church of Bradonia exclusively exercises her authority within the realms of the Kingdom of Bradonia under the guidance of the Violet King

The Violet King, is said to be a descendant of the Divine Violets in Heaven, which were created by Almighty God to help flourish Eden and later Earth, an ancestor once ago, before being banished to earth, and when divine intervention was at its peak touched the violet and gained internal powers of divinity, whilst residing in a mortal body, from here on out his knowledge would expand, and he alone would become far more intelligent than all else, since then, however his knowledge would be restricted until he reached the age of 16, and so with it would be foolish; it would only be trigged by emotion and struggle and only then would his knowlege floruish, thus all ancestors the House of Meurna, when pushed strong and hard, would gain the knowledge of the Divine Violets in Heaven, becoming both it's king, and possessing divine blood within.