Vladislav Chokin

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Vladislav Chokin
Владислав Чокин
Florin Akiút
1st Rine of
Assumed office:
Under name Florin I
Predecessor office established
Personal information
Born 25 February 2001 (2001-02-25) (age 22)
Odessa, Ukraine
Citizenship  Ukraine
Residence Brno-Venkov, Czechia
Religion Raevism

Vladislav Maximovich Chokin (Russian: Владислав Максимович Чокин), also less known by his Estuarian (Florin Akiút) name along with its derivative, "Florin Fox" nickname — is a Czechoslovak-oriented micronational enthusiast of Ukrainian origin. Vladislav used to be a leader of several virtual micronational projects that have been abandoned. At this moment he holds the leadership and slow foundation of the virtual state of Tenurria.


Vladislav was born on 25 February 2001 in Odessa, Ukraine. His childhood and youth went by without any special events. The schooling took place in 4 different schools, with the 4th one affording distanced education for last years before the national Ukrainian graduation exam in 2019. In the same year, he started to work at a local food delivery service as a call center operator and held this occupation until the May 2020 when he had been suspended from duty due to the personal low efficiency and general corporate downsizing caused by COVID-19 quarantine crisis. The situation in Ukraine has forced him to find ways to immigrate to the European Union's country, foremost to the Czech Republic. After a few attempts to get Romanian and Moldovan citizenship by ancestry (failed due to mistakes made in the documents of his relatives), he decided to visit Czechia by gaining a short-term job visa for an unskilled position. Before leaving the Czech Republic according to his permitted term, Vladislav has managed to gather more information about the job offers for foreigners. After almost a year of awaiting back in Ukraine, in Spring of 2021 he has got a job contract with a car seating factory in Plzeň and a long-term working visa. Vladislav has left Ukraine in August 2020, and after changing the job one month after is residing in the town nearby Brno city in the South Moravian region.

Micronational activity

The Keleic Micronation

Vladislav became a micronationalist on 1 October 2016 after foundation of his first micronation which he named after his own name, Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia. His main motivation was a wish to end his personal psychological conflict about a nation and country to belong to which was caused two years earlier after the "Euromaidan" protesters performed a coup d’etat in Ukraine and have changed its national ideology by which the Russian-speaking part of country (including Chokin) had been slightly oppressed and marginalized. Refusing to be either Ukrainian, Russian or Romanian by ancestory, Vladislav declared himself the only Verd'landian in real life, a part of the nation from his own fictional universe developing and growing since his childhood. Yet the wide plans for the new micronation weren't succeeded. Moreover, trying to promote a new project in the community of Russian micronationalists Vladislav has been highly criticized and desecrated for his opinion about the Rusophonic community, liberal political beliefs and being a part of furry fandom. Finally, the low-efficient legal system of the first micronation had been extremely complicated which soon caused its stagnation and forced Vladislav to abandon the project with the creation of actual, real Verd'land as a micronation, which, though, met the same fate of abandonment.

In 2020 despite still considering himself Verd'landian, Vladislav has lost control over his ethnicity and its features, especially after the loss of the Verd'landian dictionary caused by a damaged CSV table file containing it. Still having an interest towards micronations, he decided to create a micronational project that will not be directly connected with abandoned Verd'land but would still save a feature of ethnic group simulation. For that purpose, Vladislav created Estuaria, This micronation is also being his first completely monarchist micronation — Chokin would hold a position of so-called Rine.

Between years 2020 and 2023 he nearly stopped further development and instead has focused on long-needed reformation of his fictional world. By the beginning of 2023, its lore, language, culture and elements have been revised and edited. The former Verd'land became the "Krönslandet" and along with fictional Estuaria is now considered only one of the 6 "legacy lands" of so-called "Keletīr", "The Keleic Land", divided by at least 3 ethnic groups, 3 races and 4 languages. To be a real-life entity covering and presenting them all, the older project of "Estuaria" is reformed and presented as "7th land", the Tenurria.

United States of Akkerman

Unlike Verd'landian micronations which were supposed to have a high level of seriousness and simulate a real country as much as it is possible, Vladislav's second micronation has been created for sole humorous purpose mixed with emphasizing of regional patriotism and local lore learning. He declared his grandparents' house and yard in Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy town as a capital of an independent nation called the United States of Akkerman covering the town itself and 7 adjoining villages nearby. This project was automatically abandoned after Vladislav's emigration.

Personal life


Chokin does not align himself to a certain political ideology and calls himself a centrist, noting that the ideologies are mostly created for domination over humans' minds and distraction from the real problems that appear in society, and that only a personal and unique approach to these problems or questions can lead to a peaceful and fair result. Vladislav opposes the far-right and far-left movements, as well as radical feminism, reversed racism and cancel culture.

Vladislav is following the cosmopolitan beliefs and considers that each person on Earth should not be bound to their birthplace and has the right to live anywhere in the world granted that this person's personal mindset is flexible and isn't bound to certain cultural customs (which would make the naturalization impossible). According to this idea, he declares the Czech Republic as his new motherland to replace Ukraine, which, by his own words, "has died in 2014 and only exists in a form of a rotting corpse". However, after the invasion of Russian military forces into Ukraine after 24 February 2022, Chokin holds a firm anti-militaristic and anti-Putinist position. He claims, that he is able to partially understand the Russian point over the matter, but is "disgusted by the ideology and values the Russian government and society have revealed as their new beacons".

The question of religion stays dubious for him. Vladislav believes in a complex of esoteric beliefs focalized on a certain explanation of karma, reincarnations and souls mission. At the same time, he assumes the existence of gods, deities and spirits in a form of social or ethereal egregore. With such a position he follows the "Raevism", a religious ideology that declares "Five Foxes" as the patrons.


Vladislav's hobbies are travelling and railway transport. He is interested in folk and medieval culture and plans to use his primary micronation solely for purpose of popularization of neofolk and pagan lifestyle. Is a member of furry fandom and after year 2022 makes active attempts to grab a certain position in Czechoslovak branch of community.