People's Chamber (Lewisham)

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People's Chamber of Lewisham

Volkskammer der Ludwigsheim
Coat of arms or logo
Unicameral parliament
Matthew Co, SUP
since November 2011
Political groups
  SUP (5)
  Independent (1)
First Past the Post
Last election
November 2011 Lewisham Legislative Election
Meeting place
Revolution Square (de jure)
Presidential Palace (de facto)

The People's Chamber (German: Volkskammer), is the unicameral legislative body of the Lewisham Democratic Republic which consists of Members (German: Abgeordneten) who represent either part of a Republic or an entire Republic from within the LDR. The Chamber has always been dominated by the Socialist Unity Party, due in part to the quota system which assures that a minimum of 45% of the seats must go to the party alongside the lack of serious political opposition. No other electoral party, aside from the CPUSLSSR during the Soviet era, has ever won a seat with the Chamber; however 3 independents have served as Members, with 1 currently sitting in the Chamber.


The Chamber has wide ranging set of powers which, like with many of the organs of government in the LDR, leave it with the potential to be able to seize control of power, however this has never taken place and the Chamber, and its Members, work within the framework of protecting the state's interests and representing the views and grievances of the population.

Examples of the powers of the Chamber:

  • The ability to pass, repeal, and amend laws
  • Call for elections
  • Initiate budget checks
  • Grant funds toward social projects
  • Change the flag, national anthem and coat of arms of the state
  • Over turn any decision made by the Politburo of the Socialist Unity Party, only with a 2/3 majority
  • Appoint and dismiss members of the Military Revolutionary Committee
  • Motion to declare independence from the Nemkhav Federation
  • Dismiss the Chairman from his position as head of the Government

Currently Serving Members

Name Party Other offices Area represented
Matthew Co SUP Chairman of the LDR North Leestan
Alex Ulbricht SUP President of the Republic Leestan
Oliver Honecker SUP Vice-President of the Republic South Sebrenca
Lev Hopton SUP N/A Sebrenca Central
Thierry Leahair SUP N/A Manhiem
Mike Birkbeck Independent N/A Upham