Vote of no confidence in the government of Alejandro Whyatt, 2016

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Alejandro Whyatt became First Minister after a hung parliament was elected at the beginning of June 2016.

A vote of no confidence in the Mercian government of Baron Alejandro Whyatt occurred on the 28th August 2016. The vote was brought by Deputy First Minister Newton von Uberquie, sole Green Socialist MP in Parliament, and was lost by the People's Democratic Party's coalition government by three votes (seven votes to four) at 23:26 BST on the 30th of August, which forced Baron Whyatt into resignation and orchestrated the rise of the interim cabinet of then-Baron von Uberquie and subsequently enable the success of a consequent majority National Liberal Party (NLP) government.


The National Liberal Party, at that time in Opposition, contended, in the latter half of the Whyatt government, that they were largely responsible for government in Mercia, responsible for having drafted the Education Ministry Act, the Archival Gorsedh Act, and the Mercian Economy Act. In delivering his condemnation of the Whyatt government prior to the motion, Baron von Uberquie remarked that "I feel that the coalition is stable but it's Leadership is no longer effective at keeping restrain and order" over the government, evidenced in part, the Opposition and Whyatt's opponents argued, by Whyatt's failure to pass the majority of his legislative agenda prior to the conclusion of his legislative term.

The vote of no confidence, however, was instigated largely by the Government's appointment of Baron Ned Gunderson as Foreign Minister, a move opposed by the NLP.


The government lost by three votes. Given the large gap between the votes for either side, it is difficult to imagine that an alternative situation might have come about.

Baron Alejandro Whyatt (First Minister)

Baron Whyatt was away and unable to vote or take part in either the debate or vote.

Earl Horatio Eden (Leader of the Opposition)

Earl Eden remarked that the First Minister had "failed to retain order over his side of Parliament", and insisted that "our domestic and foreign affairs cannot survive under a Whyatt premiership". He subsequently voted with the Opposition and Whyatt's opponents by voting in favour of no confidence.

Baron von Uberquie

Baron von Uberquie, who brought the motion to begin with, conceded that "The last three months of this Mercian Government have been tremendously positive", but also "tremendously negative". He maintained that Baron Whyatt was unable to maintain "restraint and order" over the Government side of the House and so while maintaining "confidence in much of the present cabinet", he brought the motion to remove First Minister Whyatt until the next election.

28 August 2016
Vote of no confidence in the government of Alejandro Whyatt

Motion proposed by Baron Newton von Uberquie (GSP)
Absolute majority: 7/11
Vote Parties Votes
checkY Aye National Liberal Party (4), Green Socialist Party (1), Independents (1),
Lord Spiritual (1)
7 / 11
No People's Democratic Party (4)
4 / 11