Kingdom of Vryland

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Kingdom of Vryland
Koninkryk Vryland
Final coat of arms
Motto: Libertas Omnium (Latin for "Freedom for all")
Common languagesEnglish, Afrikaans
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
House of Lords
House of Commons
• Established
2 December 2018
• Disestablished
11 June 2019
CurrencyVrylandian Pound
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United States of America
Kingdom of New Albion

Vryland, officially the Kingdom of Vryland, was a micronation claiming to be a sovereign state located in North America. It was an enclave of the United States.

Vryland was a parliamentary constitutional monarchy closely based off that of the United Kingdom, with a monarch as the head of state. The nation is was reigned by King William I, who reigned from the nation's foundation, however, Vryland was jointly ruled by a diarch, King Montgomery I, from its foundation until the 2 of February 2019, when he was deposed and the nation reformed into a monarchy.


The name 'Vryland' is derived from the Afrikaans for 'free land;' the name was inspired by the name of the capital of the Republic of Stellaland, Vryburg.


The Kingdom of Vryland was founded on the 2 of December 2018 by Kings William and Montgomery under a system of a diarchy, until Montgomery was deposed by William in accordance with the wishes of the people. Soon after, the first election in the history of the nation was held, being won by the Moderate Party. It was dissolved on 11 June 2019.

Government and politics

Vryland operated under the system of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, based off that of the United Kingdom. The Parliament of Vryland was made up of the House of Commons, consisting of 10 seats, and the House of Lords.

2019 Revival Attempt

In late 2019 there was an attempted revival of Vryland by several former members, however it did not progress beyond initial planning and the creation of an early draft of the constitution before it was abandoned due to a lack of interest in continuing with the project.