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Wakoku Federation

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Wakoku Federation
Flag of Wakoku Federation
Emblem of Wakoku Federation
Motto: "A nation where the sun never sets"
Anthem: "Forget me not"
Nations with Wakoku Federation claims
Nations with Wakoku Federation claims
Largest cityPila
Other languagesEnglish
• Estimated heir
LegislatureCommonwealth Micronations Secretariat
Establishment1994 (founded in 248)
• Total
2,310 km2 (890 sq mi)
• Estimate
Time zoneUTC+9 (JST)

The Wakoku Federation is a political union consisting of 18 member states that are the territory of Yamatai Country. Often referred to as The Commonwealth, the notation Yamatai was removed in 2016. The main body of the organization is the Federal Secretariat, which focuses on intergovernmental relations, and its membershp. Federal Fund focuses on non-governmental relations between Micronations.


The etymology of the country name is similar to the reading of the sound lessons of Yamato period and Old yamatai, and this micronation is similar to the etymological countries that existed in the 3rd and 4th centuries. It is said in the imperial family that it exists.

In addition, the country is known to have Yamatai country at the center of its protection of independent nations, imitating Japan's first of the British Empire.


The dynasty, which is the imperial family of the Wakoku Federation, is Hougyoku dynasty, which was founded in 248 and has survived to the present day.

Country of system

The political system is different for each individual, but the following are the main ones.

There is only one political party and all member states are prohibited from forming other political parties.

These are the six ministries under the direct control of the federal government:

Territory and population


The total area of ​​the Commonwealth territory is 2310 km² and is made up of 18 member states.


As of July 2021, the total population is about 800.

National symbols

Illegal Occupation Era (2019-2021)
Current national flag

Nation flag

The flag means that the light of the solar eclipse reaches everywhere within the authority and control of the emperor of the Federation of Wakoku.

National emblem of the Commonwealth in Relix

What is Relix? The weakness of the people is a sin! Silence, world. A national emblem with the meaning of national consciousness integration, which is composed of the three principles of a country where the sun does not set.

Commonwealth government

The politics in the Commonwealth of Wakoku is governed by the governor-general appointed by the emperor, and the emperor of Yamatai reigns at the top.

Supreme National Assembly

The highest decision-making body determined by the imperial family and the prime minister.

Wakoku Imperial Court

It is a political institution learned from Japan during the Heian period and an institution that decides important federal issues.

Federal Parliament

Like the United Kingdom, representatives of member states are the administrative bodies that discuss policies in the presence of the emperor, and are the subordinate bodies of the imperial court and the Supreme Council.

Formation of commonwealth

The Wakoku Union was declared to have been formed on September 13, 2009 by the 5th Emperor Katako. The names at that time were centered around Yamatai , Latin American Union, Taihei Church Government, Alhan Dynasty Mongol Empire, and Star system coalition of local galaxies. It was the Yamatai Federation. In 2010, it was officially decided to become the Wakoku Union under the rule of the 10th emperor Shiraume

Member nations

Region to which the member country belongs

Economic situation in Wakoku

Recent years

Cases before the new administration

Prior to that, the following civil wars and wars were mentioned.

Yamatai Civil war

East-West Podopia State Unification War

Battle of Nawa, Tobari, and South Gate

Wakoku War of Succession and Clash between JMF and Wakoku

In 2019, Wakoku was involved in Confrontation between Japanese micronations and fictional nations, and it became possible to create a puppet government.

In 2020 War between the Alhan Dynasty and the Milky Way.

Establishing a new government

The upcoming coup d'etat for the resurrection of the government on June 11, 2021 has been successful, and the government has been resurrected, and the era of illegal rule of fictional nationalists has come to an end.

After the coup

Kotohito The new emperor has been advocating active diplomatic agreements and alliances with foreign countries, and has recently maintained a friendly and consensus with the following nations.[citation needed]


Principality of Sealand

Liberland Free Republic

Republic of Molossia

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

Empire of Austenasia


About the aristocrats of Wakoku

Serving Hougyoku dynasty. Or, as a summary of the bureaucrats, aristocratic and military personnel recognized by the federal government, there are about 20 aristocratic houses in the 18 member states as a whole.

List of aristocratic of Wakoku


The flourishing culture of the Wakoku Federation is mainly trading card games and idol live performances in Japanese territory.

It also actively promotes tourist information as cultural income, fishing in the South Pacific, and economic employment in poor areas of each member country.

Title of the monarch

Wakoku is presumed that he was calling himself the title of Okimi under the rule in Japan, suggesting that the title of the Great King under the rule was born (in the latter half of the 5th century).

In the English-speaking world, it is written as "Sun Emperor" which means the emperor of a country where the sun does not set.

The Sun emperor of wakoku federation is an agent of Emperor of Japan (both are equal) and is positioned as the head of relatives, and has an international ritual next to him because he is a friend of the emperor of Arcadia Empire.

  • 天主=Lord of Heaven
  • 上皇=emperor emeritus
  • 大君=emperor of sun

Transition of era name

Each era

Soushi 2018

Yashin 2019

Shinwa 2020

Kun An 2020

Ankou 2021

taidou 2021

Genkou 2022


  • 246 Himiko dies.
  • 248 Iyiyo succeeds to the throne
  • 266: Dispatch of envoys to the Western Jin Dynasty
  • 304 The Western Jin Dynasty was destroyed.
  • 319 Iyoyo's eldest daughter, Shan, was dispatched to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. She explained to the Yuan Emperor the theory of the separation of Yamato and Wakoku. In
  • 323, Queen Shan was recognized as the "King of Wei" by the Ming Emperor of the Eastern Jin. She was received by the Emperor of Ming in the Eastern Jin Dynasty with a return envoy to Makiko, Yamato. Death of Queen Shan in
  • 351. Permission was granted to the King of Yamato to call himself "Okimi". In
  • 354, Cora's younger sister Murasaki ascended the throne and became the empress of Yamato Otarihiko the Great (Emperor Keiko). From then on (until the 24th Emperor Ninken), the head of the Imperial Household of the Yamataikoku Kingdom was the queen of the Yamato Daioh. In
  • 352, the 12th Queen Keiko, Princess Murasaki
  • 362th Queen Iide, the 14th Princess of Chuai
  • 381 15th Princess Ojin, Princess of Naka
  • 404 The 16th Emperor Nintoku of Japan and Yamato
  • 421 Princess Taihime, the 17th Princess of Jinju
  • 456 King Wakatake (later the 21st Yusei) carried out large-scale punishment of his relatives and rival tribes.
  • 461 - Wakatake united the kingdom.
  • 479 The fall of Yusei
  • 482 Princess Taihime's eldest daughter, Princess Iide (Wife of the 22nd Emperor Seining, mother of Prince Hiragumo) In
  • 506, Prince Hiragun (Wahiko) was exhausted by the controversy after the fall of Muryeong, and disappeared. He became the founder of the Daimon family, which continues to this day, and lived a peaceful life mainly in the Kyushu region. In
  • 514, Prince Hiragumo died. In
  • 2009, 72 generations after his eldest daughter Na, the first Toyotama Emperor ascended the throne. He announced the rebuilding of the Yamataikoku Kingdom.
  • 2011 The rebuilding of the Yamataikoku
  • 2012 Succession dispute
  • 2013 Toyotama Emperor's eldest daughter, Kenko, ascends the throne as Grand Sovereign.
  • 2018 Kenko's youngest daughter, Baekmei, takes the throne provisionally amid controversy
  • 2019 Stability of government and advocacy of federalism
  • 2020 Clashes with JMF. Yangming Emperor Baekmei demands abdication. 16th Seonghyangdaegun (Lady Tsiska) Yangming Emperor again accedes to the throne. (The 17th) During this period, the people's support for the emperor declines as he interacts with barbarians from an imaginary non-existent country. In 2021, he suddenly abdicates the throne.
  • The 18th Qingwu Daegun (Kanata-sama)
  • The 19th Shinwa-daimon (Lord of Heaven, Miyu-sama)
  • The 20th Chomei-daikun (Supreme Lord Akari)
  • In June, diplomatic relations with the fictitious state are broken by a cabinet coup. The Emperor at the time approves (Suzuori-sama).
  • 1 July His Imperial Highness Prince Kotohito accedes to the throne by accession. As the legitimate son of the 21st Grand Duke and head of the family, Hakubai, he legitimately proclaims his accession to the throne at home and abroad.
  • On 7 July, the proposal for the reconstruction of the Republic of Minerva was accepted. His Majesty Kotokuin assumes the role of King of Minerva and monarch of all the constituent states.
  • 29 July A bill to deny national sovereignty to novelists and creators of fictional communities is passed, and measures are strengthened to deal with fictional communities only if they threaten the country.
  • 2 August: The Shogun and three feudal lords of the Daiyasu Shogunate go to the capital to hold a cabinet meeting with His Majesty the Great Prince Kotohito to prepare for the World Cosplay Summit.
  • Seven declarations will be issued on 15 August 15. Formal launch of the Savior Alliance, a planned project with Arcadia Empire and GC UnitedStates.
  • 30 August: Public announcement by the federal government that it will not recognise forces that deny wakoku Federation.
  • 2 October: Sukeyori Hino was appointed Shogunate.
  • 6 November the Wakoku Federation concluded diplomatic relations with Kingdom of Gumma and US Empire of Haruma Telereal. The federal government is holding talks on the reconstruction plan for JMF.
  • 7 November kotohito The emperor's empress was found to be pregnant with the first prince and officially held an emergency press conference.

On the morning of November 18, the prince who was born the emperor was named "Motoi". After the birth of His Majesty, it was officially announced that he would be allowed to engage with His Majesty's niece, Princess Olivia (daughter of Empress Twiska).

Successive Sun emperor

1.Empress Toyo(1998-2001)

2.Empress Patricia(1999-2000)

3.Empress Rosalia(2000)

4.Empress Sutashia(2000-2001)

5.Empress Katako(2001-2004)

6.Empress Ako(2002)

7.Empress Shinomiya(2002-2003)

8.Empress Michiru(2004)


10.Empress Shiraume(2005-2016)

11.Empress Yorinaga(2009)

12.Empress Faye(2010)

13.Empress Shinome(2010-2011)

14.Empress Twiska(-2018)

15.Empress Anya(2016)

16.Empress Twiska(2018)

17.Empress Shiraume(-2020)

18.Empress Kanata(2020)

19.Empress Miyu(2020)

20.Empress Akari(2020-2021)

21.Emperor Kotohito(2021-)